Unpopular “World” Opinions


I dare to be different, march to the beat of the music I hear inside my head, and root for the underdog. Of course, even the soaps are not safe from my eccentric thinking. I have been thoroughly enjoying As the World Turns for the past few weeks and have some very strong, albeit potentially unpopular thoughts about what I would like to see before my "World" stops turning in September. Please be gentle with me and hurl only fresh tomatoes in my general direction.

Soap Stars Support Eva Longoria’s Kids With Cancer Foundation

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Ashley Jones, Winsor Harmon and Lesli Kay (pictured above) were among the celebrities who turned out for the Birgit C. Muller Hosts a Fashion Show Event to Benefit Eva Longoria’s Kids With Cancer Foundation event at the Chaves Ranch on July 11. Other familiar faces to daytime fans included B&B’s Don Diamont and Aaron D. Spears and General Hospital’s Lisa LoCicero. See more photos from the benefit after the jump.