This is What General Hospital’s “Growing” Quartermaine Family Looks Like

During General Hospital's 51st Anniversary, we watched as AJ (Sean Kanan) joined Edward (John Ingle), Lila (Anna Lee), Alan (Stuart Damon) and Emily (Natalia Livingston) by walking into the light. Prior to AJ's walk up the General Hospital stairs he and Emily appeared to Monica (Leslie Charleson) and convinced her she shouldn't join them in the ever after. The reason: their family was "growing" thanks to Michael (Chad Duell) and Danny and she needed to be there for them.

General Hospital Tumor Humor (PHOTOS)

Franco (Roger Howarth) is free to roam Port Charles, thanks to legal eagle Diane Miller's (Carolyn Hennesy) "The Tumor Did It" defense. It was pointed out on the last podcast that I take things too seriously. So here's a little General Hospital Tumor Humor to help kick off the weekend. Enjoy!

5 Quick Steps to Save The Character of Franco on General Hospital

I don't envy the creative team behind ABC Daytime's General Hospital. As arguably the most popular daytime soap of all time—if no longer the highest rated since circa 1988—everyone seems to always have an opinion about GH.

We want Monty-style big romance and action adventure! We want the socially-relevant tales of Claire Labine! We hate the mob! We miss the mob! We want Garin Wolf! Okay, no one ever said that last sentence, like ever...

The editorial/podcast staff here at Daytime Confidential is no exception. We all have opinions 'a plenty about GH that we're always just itching to share. Sometimes those opinions can even turn on a dime, like mine about soap superstar Roger Howarth as notorious supervillain Franco.