Daytime Couples Step Out at 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Red Carpet (PHOTOS)

Whether real life couples, two stars from the same show, family members or two old friends bumping into each other, the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards red carpet was the place to be paired up. Check out more 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Award photos after the jump!

Daytime Ladies Sparkle at 40th Annual Daytime Emmys (PHOTOS)

Daytime’s favorite actresses and talk show hosts sparkled on the 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Award red carpet on June 16 in Beverly Hills. Nominees Katherine Kelly Lang and Julie Marie Bergman arrived looking glamorous, as the industry celebrated its biggest night. See more Daytime Emmy Award red carpet photos after the jump!

Did Cara Abort David’s Baby on All My Children?

Thursday’s episode of All My Children opened with JR (Ryan Bittle) waking up and talking to Dixie (Cady McClain), who wept tears of joy. While Angie (Debbi Morgan) looked him over, Dixie told JR he’d been in a coma for five years. 

Angie left JR’s room and bumped into David (Vincent Irizarry), who wanted to know if JR was awake. David wasn't happy about his former son-in-law's progress.

Cara (Lindsay Hartley) explained to Griffin (Jordi Vilasuso) that she’d told David a story about the baby, but he didn’t believe it.  Just as Cara was telling her brother David would never find out the truth, David walked into the room. This seems to be happening a lot. David demanded to know what really happened to the child. When Cara didn't answer, he leapt to the conclusion she'd had an abortion.