True Blood EXCLUSIVE: Dale Raoul Dishes Playing Bon Temps’ Scene Stealing Bigot Maxine Fortenberry


There isn't a mama on television who makes child smothering look as side-splittingly amusing as True Blood's Maxine Fortenberry. Whether she's spouting off bigoted remarks about vampires, getting freaky while under the spell of a visiting Maenad or flirting with Vampire Bill, Maxine manages to keep things interesting as the one woman Greek Chorus for the fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana.

I recently caught up with Maxine's portrayer, the insanely talented Dale Raoul, who for five seasons has recurred on the hit HBO serial. We dished about Maxine's glee over her boy Hoyt's (Jim Parrack) bust up with flame-haired vampire Jessica Hamby (Deborah Ann Woll). Does Raoul think Maxine will ever be tolerant of fangers and those who bang them?

The in demand character actress, who is currently appearing in three web series, as well as a feature film, also shared her thoughts on the news that Mark Hudis will be taking over as True Blood's showrunner from creator Alan Ball next season. Does Raoul think the transition will be a seamless one? Read on to find out.

Daytime Confidential: Maxine Fortenberry is easily one of True Blood's most hilarious, recurring scene stealers. Is there anyone you model the character on?

Dale Raoul: There are actually three women I am familiar with who have contributed to Maxine’s character, although I could never say who they were as they would probably be offended! She is not known for her fashion style or her kind heart, after all. But she does have a fabulous sense of humor, in my opinion!  And Maxine thinks she is a fashion plate.  Her accessories always match her outfit and her hair is always, always perfect.

DC: Maxine and Hoyt, played by Jim Parrack, are humans in what is fast becoming a predominantly supernatural Bon Temps. Do the two of you ever have conversations about how to keep your characters viable among all the vampires, werewolves, fairies and shapeshifters?

DR: Jim and I represent the town of Bon Temps, the human citizens. Our characters are important as they show the contrasts to the supernaturals, but sometimes the humans don’t seem to be the best species! Hoyt is more open minded and unafraid. Of course, our True Blood writers are fantastic and deserve all the credit — we just get to say the fabulous lines they come up with.