Meryl Streep Dishes August: Osage County on The View (VIDEO)

Can "the world's greatest living actress" pull off playing the mother-from-hell? Meryl Streep brings to life vicious, Oklahoma-bred matriarch Violet Weston in the Weinstein Company's adaptation of August: Osage County

Streep recently appeared on ABC Daytime's The View to discuss the big screen version of Tracy Letts' Pulitzer Prize-winning play. John Wells (ER, Shameless) directed the feature film, which also stars Julia Roberts, Juliette Lewis and Julianne Nicholson. Watch Streep reveal how the entire cast lived in a condo community in a small Oklahoma town during filming, after the jump!

Meryl Streep Gives All My Children’s Susan Lucci a Shout Out at Golden Globes!

One of Hollywood's most iconic leading ladies proved she's no snob when it comes to daytime soaps last night. After taking home the Golden Globe for her performance in The Iron Lady, Meryl Streep showed All My Children superstar and fellow awards show staple Susan Lucci some love in the press room. From Deadline:

Turning to Streep’s numerous Oscar nominations, comparisons to Susan Lucci and that actress’ evasive Emmy for All My Children emerged during the Q&A. ”You know, I’m sure Susan Lucci is happy with her career and the longevity and fulfillment it has given her and that’s sort of how I feel,” Streep said. 

When In ‘Doubt’ Say No To The O

Lord have mercy, someone said no to The Mighty O! On today's show Oprah revealed to shocked Meryl Streep that she had contacted the director of Doubt asking to audition for the role of Mrs. Miller because it was her dream to share a scene with Streep while she was alive.The director turned her down and went with Viola Davis. Davis recieved a Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe nomination for her portrayal of Mrs. Miller. That director must have some brass balls.

Amanda Seyfried, the July 2008 Vanity Fair Pin-up

You may remember Amanda Seyfried as the little good girl Joni Stafford on All My Children or as Lucy Montgomery 2.0 on As the World Turns but now Vanity Fair has named her their July 2008 Pin-up girl.

Since leaving daytime this little actress has been busy with guest roles on Veronica Mars and Wildfire and a starring role on HBO's Big Love. This is an actress who has made the jump from daytime to Hollywood. In 2004 she starred with Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls and this summer she stars with screen legend Meryl Streep in the Broadway adaptation of Mamma Mia on July 18. After Mamma Mia you can see Amanda in the Diablo Cody film Jennifer's Body.