Michael Douglas Tells Barbara Walters Going Down on Catherine Zeta-Jones Didn’t Give Him Cancer (VIDEO)

Michael Douglas wants to clear up a few things about recent reports he contracted throat cancer-causing HPV from cunnilngus. The actor reached out to good friend Barbara Walters, who revealed on The View Douglas' wife Catherine Zeta-Jones is healthy and doesn't have HPV. 

While discussing Douglas' clarification about there being multiple causes for throat cancer, Walters got a bit testy when Sherri Shepherd wanted to know if he was denying the original report from The Guardian newspaper. Gee Babs, Sherri was just trying to be a good journalist! Someone has to on that show. Watch the exchange after the jump.

Behind The Cunnilingus: Daytime Weighs in on Michael Douglas’ Throat Cancer Reveal (VIDEO)


Famed actor Michael Douglas going on the record about the role oral sex played in his bout with throat cancer has provided plenty of fodder for both late night and daytime talk show hosts. The ladies of both ABC Daytime's The View and CBS Daytime's The Talk tackled the taboo subject during recent installments. Watch a couple of clips after the jump!