The Village Voice Digs Up Scientology Recruitment Film Starring Young and Restless Patriarch Michael Fairman


For some time now, The Village Voice has been hammering Scientology, the controversial religion founded by late, science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Many of their pieces have centered on Michael Fairman, a former Scientologist, who appears as Kay Chancellor's (Jeanne Cooper) husband Murphy on CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless.

The newspaper's latest findings is a You Tube clip of what appears to be a recruitment video—allegedly once used by the church—starring Fairman. See the video after the jump!

Heavens to Xenu: Young and Restless Star Michael Fairman SUES Chiropractor in Continuing Scientology Drama!

Michael Fairman (Murphy, The Young and the Restless) isn't happy that his former chiropractor has stopped straightening out the kinks in his family's backs. Especially since he claims it's because of his status as persona non grata with the Church of Scientology. According to TMZ, Fairman is suing the L. Ron Hubbard-reading back cracker for discrimination, claiming she doesn't want to treat his family because he started speaking out against the Church after leaving the religious practice of Scientology. Dear Xenu in heaven, if this ain't a mess!

Village Voice Lists Young and Restless Actor Michael Fairman Among “Top 25 People Crippling Scientology”

The Village Voice is once again going after the controversial-yet-celeb friendly religion of Scientology, and lo and behold a soaper has been mentioned among the indie pub's list of The Top 25 People Crippling Scientology!
Michael Fairman is a very familiar face from television and film. The character actor has portrayed villains in productions like the Firefly series, the "Penske" business man in Seinfeld, and for years was a member of the The Young and the Restless cast. He was also a longtime Scientologist, but he not only recently left the church, in a rare move he made public his "suppressive person declare" which listed his "crimes." He's now speaking out in a big way, and continues to shake things up at Marty Rathbun's blog.

Michael Fairman Claims Y&R Costar Told Him “You Have an Enemy at Work” Over Scientology Drama!

Ousted Scientologist Michael Fairman, who plays Kay Chancellor's (Jeanne Cooper) husband Murphy on The Young and the Restless has made some fairly damning claims to the Village Voice about not only the controversial religion, but one of his Genoa City costars!


There is a Scientologist working on the show," he says of The Young and the Restless. "She told me, 'You have an enemy at work.' So I went to the producers. They laughed at the whole thing," he says.

"It has occurred to me that they might do something to defame my character. But look, I'm 77. I don't give a fuck," he says. "I'm a good enough actor that I think that's not going to be any concern. I mean, I don't think Tom Cruise would hire me, but I kind of dislike him for what he has allowed to go on."