One Life To Live Hunk Nic Robuck Snags First Film Role

One Life To Live alum Nic Robuck is taking a leap onto the big screen. According to ABC Soaps In Depth, Robuck will star in his first feature film, A Dark Plan. Robuck stated:
I play the lead character, Shane Dempsey, a sociopath who had a horrible upbringing. He will do anything for the love of others... even kill if he's desperate enough!

Will All My Children’s Erica Kane End up With The Lawyer or The Mountain Man?

TV Guide's Michael Logan chatted with the face of ABC Daytime, Susan Lucci. The All My Children actress gave some tidbits about what's to come with Jackson (Walt Willey), Erica, and Caleb (Michael Nouri).
TV Guide Magazine: Caleb and Erica will agree to work side by side to run Cortlandt. This isn't looking too good for Jack.

Lucci: Oh, no, Erica really wants him! In fact, she notices that Krystal [Bobbie Eakes] is just a little too interested in Jack and that makes Erica even more interested in him. [Laughs] The claws will come out! But, yes, circumstances will force her to work with Caleb. She's ready for a difficult situation but suddenly she has these good feelings about him and she's also holding onto her good feelings about Jack. So there's a real pull. And that's what will begin the triangle.

La Lucci also shared her thoughts on who exactly Erica should be with.

Michael Nouri on Caleb’s Opinion of Erica Kane: “She’s Got a Voice Like a Police Siren”

TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan caught up with Michael Nouri to find out what All My Children fans can expect from his character Caleb’s upcoming storyline with Erica Kane (Susan Lucci).
Any guesses? Do you sense it was something heavy?

I think it had to be something really dramatic for this guy to pull up stakes and live in the woods and be able to make peace with it. Very few people could do that. I’m guessing he wasn’t always a loner. Maybe he’s dealing with a broken heart. Maybe he’s disillusioned with the government and opposed to paying taxes. Maybe he’s had it with society in general. There’s a scene where Erica says “I hate you!” and Caleb says: “I just want to thank you for reminding me why I love living alone.” He’s a monosyllabic guy. And he thinks she’s got a voice like a police siren.

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Ex- Y&R’s Michael Nouri Heads To AMC


TV Guide Magazine's  Michael Logan is reporting that actor Michael Nouri (Ex-Elliot; Y&R) has been cast on All My Children. Nouri will play the contract role of Caleb McGraw, a mountain man who is slated to be a love interest for Susan Lucci's alter ego Erica Kane. The actor is best know for his roles on The O.C., The Proposal, Brothers & Sisters, and Flashdance. Look for Nouri to make his debut  on May 24.
(Editor's Note: Why in high hell didn't they cast him as Dimitri?!)

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