WATCH: As The World Turns’ Marie Wilson in HILARIOUS Premiere of My Synthesized Life! (VIDEO)

Jimmy Bales (Brent Bailey) was just your typical, mild-mannered office drone, nursing a broken heart, until one morning he got into an accident that changed his life—and his voice box—forever. That's the premise behind Nate Golon's (WORKSHOP) insanely-funny, new web comedy My Synthesized Life

For the online series, Golon reunited with As The World Turns and Port Charles alum Marie Wilson. Wilson plays the no-nonsense boss of Jimmy and his cubicle nemesis Alan (Golon). Watch the first two episodes of My Synthesized Life after the jump!


Nicolas Coster and Marie Wilson Sign on For My Synthesized Life

One of the funniest creators on the web is back at it! WORKSHOP auteur Nate Golon recently began production on a new web comedy entitled My Synthesized Life.

"My Synthesized Life is a comedy web series about a young man whose voice naturally synthesizes after he survives a near car crash," says Golon, who created the series, and will serve as its executive producer and director.