Check Out a Then We Got Help! Marathon

Weeds and The Big C return to Showtime–where the best cable comedies call home–on June 27. Before you dive into an On-Demad marathon to get ready for their return, might I suggest you brush up on one of the funniest series on the web, Then We Got Help!. Each and every episode of Then We Got Help! gives such TV series a run for their money.

On this week’s “A Kiss is Just a Kiss” Part 2, Marcia DeBonis (The Big C and Letters to Juliet) returns as the hilarious couples counselor in training, Sharon. The group pounces when she accidently reveals information about her personal life. Dan (Nicholas Rodriguez) and Eric (Blake Hammond) are emotional as they reveal to the group what has happened with their adoption. 

Check out a Then We Got Help! marathon of recent episodes after the jump.

Last 36 Hours to Donate to Empire’s Fundraiser!

Kids, the crazy cats over at Empire still need your help with their fundraising! The indie soap's IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to produce a fourth season is over in 36 hours. IndieGoGo is a site designed for people to donate to creative projects and get rewards in return.  If you make  HUGE donations to the show, you will receive a producer's credit for Season 4.

Watch Then We Got Help’s “She’ll Lao Tsu You”

There is no better way to decompress at the end of the week than having a good laugh. Thankfully, the folks of Then We Got Help have just the remedy, their latest episode “She’ll Lao Tsu You.” This week the recently introduced bisexual Vance (Eric Anderson) returns, but this time it is his boyfriend Scotty (Shane Jacobsen) he introduces to the incredulous group. 

Everyone reacts differently, but Jenny’s (Jessica Rush) “They’re like Big Love on HBO, but without Amanda Seyfried or religion” and Dan’s (Nicholas Rodriguez) “Eric named Vance Anne Heche…because he keeps switching sides” are two of my favorite lines. 

If Then We Got Helps’ romantic entanglements don’t have you laughing, by the time Terry (Sean Mahon) deadpans “Lao Tsu just bit Annie in the ass” you’ll be spitting out your Polish vodka.

This week Then We Got Help announced some big news. Darren Le Gallo–who has appeared on such series as The Big Bang Theory and Six Feet Under–has joined the Then We Got Help cast as Emily's (Julie Ann Emery) husband for the remainder of the second season. Watch this week’s episode “She’ll Lao Tsu You” after the jump!

Then We Got Help Returns for a Hysterical Second Season!

Want to take a break from all the daytime doom and gloom? I can think of any better way than spending a few minutes watching new episodes of the laugh-out-loud funny Then We Got Help. The webseries—which is back for its second season—kicks off with “Haven’t We Been Here Before?”, revealing what our favorite characters have been up to since we last saw them. 

Then it is back into the wonderful group therapy dynamic that made the first season so much fun. Each episode is a comedic gem, with episode four “Exercise Your Demons” being especially funny.  If you missed a moment of Then We Got Help season one–Starring Julie Ann Emery, former One Life to Live star Nicholas Rodriguez, Blake Hammond, Sean Mahon, Susan Ferrara, Alan Campbell, Kristen Shaw, Kevin Earley and Jessica Rush–be sure to visit Watch episodes one through four of Then We Got Help’s season two after the jump!

Empire The Series Holds Season 4 Fundrasier

Boys and girls, the Empire gang needs your help! The indie webisoap is currently holding an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to produce a fourth season. IndieGoGo is a site designed for people to donate to creative projects and get rewards in return. Those of you who make uber-big donations to the show will receive a producer's credit for Season 4

"We are at a point where it is go hard or go home, and we fully intend to go hard," says Empire co-creator Greg Turner. "Brian Hewson (co-creator of Empire) and I have written a really fun season, we just gave the actors their first peak at the scripts and they have so far been delighted which is encouraging. We have amassed this incredible group of talent and we really have a fantastic time working together. The fourth season will definitely be epic. Now we just need the money!"

DC Exclusive: Former OLTL Star Nick Rodriguez on Working With Brett Claywell and Scott Evans

Former One Life to Live star Nicholas Rodgriguez, who worked closely with Brett Claywell (Kyle) and Scott Evans (Fish) when his character, gay activist Nick Chavez, was put in a love triangle with the pairing on the sudser last fall, has spoken out on the record to Daytime about what it was like to be a part of that groundbreaking storyline, as well as his experience working with the two actors on the set of the ABC soap opera.

"I am so proud of them both for how they are handling this situation," says Rodriguez, who is currently in Washington D.C. performing in the musicial Light in the Piazza. "I am truly proud of all our work together and the honesty and sincerity that came with these relationships. Not only was there an emphasis on professionalism and good acting, but there was always an obligation to present these gay men as honest, true, fully fleshed out human beings. I absolutely treasure my part in the creative process with Brett Claywell and Scott Evans. I have no doubt they will go on to do many more incredible things."