Soap Stars Scoop Up Swag at Daytime Emmy Gifting Suite (PHOTOS)

There was a General Hospital father and daughter reunion at the Daytime Emmy Gifting Suite.  Rick Hearst and Haley Pullos–who portray father and daughter Ric Lansing and Molly Lansing–posed for photos in the gifting suite where soap stars snagged swag on June 15.  Hearst last appeared on General Hospital in 2009, the same year Pullos took over the role of a SORASED Molly.

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Patrika Darbo Weighs in on Nancy’s Support of Chloe on Days of Our Lives

Patrika Darbo recently returned to Salem as manipulative, busybody Nancy Wesley. We Love Soaps' Roger Newcomb caught up with the actress, who chatted about her return to Days of Our Lives and Nancy's support of her scheming daughter Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin).
WE LOVE SOAPS: Let's talk about your return to DAYS. How has it been for you? Is playing Nancy like riding a bike at this point?

PATRIKA DARBO: Absolutely. And we have such great writers at DAYS that know how to capture Nancy. There were a couple of things that were a little hard for me because so much had happened since when I left last time. Kids have grown up and I had so many questions about who belongs to who. That was a little in my head trying to figure out what the hell was going on, and why my daughter was talking to that lady put a flesh-eating disease on her face, Nicole. All those kind of things were a little hard because the history didn't quite continue forward. I think I would have shot her at the door instead of letting her into the house.

Nancy is supporting her daughter exclusively regardless of any repercussions. Regardless of whether it's right or wrong, she's going to do it because she loves her daughter and she's going to take care of her.

Will Chloe’s Ego Be Her Downfall on Days of Our Lives?

Kristen (Eileen Davidson) accepted Brady’s (Eric Martsolf) marriage proposal. When she questioned his timing, Brady insisted it was because he loves her. Later Brady met with John (Drake Hogestyn), who tried to apologize to his son.

Nancy (Patrika Darbo) told Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) to chill out and to take the ego out of her manipulations of Dr. Hairy Chest (Shawn Christian). Nancy insisted Chloe was overplaying her hand. 

Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) told Abby (Kate Mansi) that Daniel was the last person she wanted to talk to. Of course the next scene was of Daniel realizing he had to talk to Jennifer before she left town.

Can Jarlena Bust Up Bristen Before It’s Too Late on Days of Our Lives?


Kristen DiMera (Eileen Davidson) has been a one-woman wrecking crew when it comes to the Black family on Days of Our Lives. Since her return to Salem, U.S.A., supercouple John (Drake Hogestyn) and Marlena (Deidre Hall) have split; she's also bedding John's son Brady (Eric Martsolf). Now soap opera's answer to Jason Bourne has to pretend to be okay with Bristen, in order to save his gullible son from Stefano's (Joe Mascolo) adopted spawn!

On Tuesday's episode of DAYS, John clued Marlena in on his plan to bust up Brady and Kristen, by pretending he still has feelings for his diabolical ex. Will John's scam work, or will he push the late Isabella's baby boy further into Kristen's clutches?

Elsewhere in town, Nancy (Patrika Darbo) and Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) wondered if their plotting and planning to permanently bust up Dannifer (Shawn Christian and Melissa Reeves) was working. Watch the recap video after the jump!


Chloe and Nancy do Damage Control on Days of Our Lives

Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) slapped the hell out of Daniel, (Shawn Christian) because of the scene Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) had staged.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Nancy (Patrika Darbo) scrambled to do damage control, because Chloe accidently left the pill bottle in Daniel’s room. Nancy went to Daniel’s hotel room to get the bottle. Chloe visited Jennifer, and informed her nothing happened between her and Daniel.  I am absolutely loving Nancy’s return to Salem. She is so matter-of-fact about her scheming, and you all know I love a good schemer.

Will Signs Away His Rights on Days of Our Lives

Nick (Blake Berris) cut to the chase and told Will (Chandler Massey) to sign the papers. Sami (Alison Sweeney) stopped Will, telling him she had something she needed to say to Nick in private. After she was alone with Nick, Sami told him she’d sign away all contact with the child if Will was able to keep his child. Nick didn’t believe Sami would stick to her promise, even if she put it in writing.

Will asked EJ (James Scott) if there was any way he could serve his time without dragging anyone else into it. Unfortunately, EJ only had bad news for Will. Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) asked Will if he was willing to let a blackmailing murderer raise his child. Will signed away the rights to his child as his family watched. Later, EJ told Nick that he thought of Will as his son and Nick should be very careful when messing with his family. Nick replied by saying he wasn’t afraid of EJ.