FIRST LOOK: The Late Jeanne Cooper and Paul Rauch in ‘The Young and the Recyclable’ (VIDEO)

How did the cast and crew of The Young and the Restless deal with those draconian budget cuts we've heard so much about in recent years? By making a hilarious spoof entitled The Young and the Recyclable, that's how!

From the delightfully-wicked brains of those yucksters at Y&R comes this video vignette envisioning what would have happened if Y&R had done the unthinkable and decided to permanently recast Jeanne Cooper's legendary Kay Chancellor. Check out the late Paul Rauch in the spoof, proving he was quite the thespian too in his own right! Oh and Eric Braeden, you better WORK!


Was Paul Rauch Trying to Reboot Guiding Light Before His Death?

Just how close was Paul Rauch to getting Guiding Light back on the air before his death? In an interview with Tainted Dreams' Carolyn Hinsey, former Guiding Light star Grant Aleksander reveals it was "pretty far."

“Oddly enough, Paul was working on getting the show back on the air before he died,” reveals Aleksander. “He had gotten pretty far with that, he was talking to big network executives. P&G was interested. When you look at what’s going on in Stamford right now [where AMC and OLTL have been filming], I don’t think P&G will just sit on a creative property if there’s a profit to be made.”

Legendary Soap Opera Producer Paul Rauch Dead


Reports are coming in that legendary and controversial soap opera producer Paul Rauch has died. Rauch was one of the most prolific daytime television professionals ever, having served as showrunner for Another World, One Life to Live, Santa Barbara, Guiding Light and most recently, The Young and the Restless. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.


One Life to Live’s Ellen Holly on First Encounter With Paul Rauch: “I Saw This Furious Somebody in an Ernest Hemingway Safari Suit”

If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times.The soap behind the soap, is the soap! We Love Soaps has been busy publishing one of their multi-part historical soap gems for the past month or so, and this time around the subject is One Life to Live legend Ellen Holly, who portrayed Carla Gray, a black woman, who for a time passed for white on the serial.

Holly was with the Agnes Nixon daytime drama from its debut in 1968 to 1980. She returned from 1983-85. It was during Holly's last, reportedly tumultuous, stint in the fictional Llanview, PA that she allegedly endured volatile run-ins with notororious executive producer Paul Rauch, which, according to the actress in her memoir, One Life: An Autobiography of an African-American Actress, led to her dismissal and that of Lillian Hayman, who played her mother. Check out a few of Holly's shocking, in depth recollections to WLS below!

BREAKING NEWS: Y&R Co-Executive Producer Paul Rauch is GONE!

Soap Opera Digest
is reporting The Young and the Restless' co-executive producer Paul Rauch is departing the series. Rauch, who has been in daytime for 50 years, will leave Y&R April. 1. Rauch stated:
My collaboration with Steve Kent, and Maria and Bill Bell has been very rewarding. I have had great pleasure working with Y&R's magnificent cast and crew. I feel that I've accomplished everything that I set out to achieve, and it's now time for me to return to New York.
Executive Producer and head writer Maria Arena Bell stated:
Y&R has benefitted tremendously from Paul Rauch's experience and knowledge. I've enjoyed our working relationship and wish him all the best.

Paul Rauch Celebrates 50 Years in Business

MSN interviewed The Young and the Restless executive producer Paul Rauch, who is celebrating 50 years in daytime, and asked him about his storied career and his current job at Y&R.
Do you think that sort of out-of-the-box thinking is what it will take to "save" daytime?

It's now a business of hanging on, more than anything else. Though I have to say, this show is not hanging on: We're building on our ratings! We're considerably up over last year in this last week [March 15-19] in the 18-49 category.

Why do you think that is?

Because Maria is making great story and the show looks great on the air. That's basic, right? It is kind of about magic, but it's not magic, because the people know what they're doing.