Wishful Casting: Peter Porte as The Son of Taylor Hayes and Prince Omar on The Bold and the Beautiful

It's been a really long time since I did a Wishful Casting a.) because there are only four soaps left in daytime and b.) some daytime dramas are casting entirely too many people when they can't seem to afford the veteran performers fans actually tune in for (*cough* The Young and the Restless!).

That being said, every so often a soaper comes along that gets the old creative juices flowing. Recently ousted Y&R baddie Peter Porte (ex-Ricky) is one such soaper. I think he'd be a great addition to The Bold and the Beautiful in the role of Prince Kamir, the long-lost son of Dr. Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) and her two-time captor Prince Omar (Kabir Bedi)!

Ex-Young and Restless Baddie Peter Porte on Ricky: “He Certainly Was His Mother’s Son!”

SPOILER ALERT: Ricky Williams caught one in the shoulder, sending him sailing out of a window to his death last week on The Young and the Restless. Now the character's talented portrayer, Peter Porte, is talking with CBS Soaps In Depth, revealing how he knew the writing was on the wall for Paul (Doug Davidson) and Isabella's (Eva Longoria) demonic son. Said Porte:

"I was there just under a year, but when you start stealing babies, threatening lead characters and murdering people, you know your time is going to be limited," he tells Soaps In Depth with a smile. "He certainly was his mother's son!"