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Procter and Gamble Actors Strike Back in Steamboat!

Anyone who has thought we at Daytime have been mean for making fun of the dismal production values at the Procter and Gamble soaps in recent years need only watch the first episode of Steamboat to see the actors obviously feel the same way we do! From the hilarious minds of Michael O'Leary (ex-Rick, Guiding Light) and Scott Bryce (ex-Craig, As The World Turns), Steamboat tells the story of a dead last sudser, desperately trying to stay on the air amid budget cuts so severe they have to move into a rundown theater to tape the series in Peapack, New Jersey.

I wonder who Kim Zimmer is channeling for her performance as the soap's control freak show runner? I'll bet you a New York magazine cover I know the muse! Me likes. Hell, if you can't laugh, you'll cry. See the Steamboat Season One teaser below.

GL’s Michael O’Leary and ATWT’s Scott Bryce Team Up For Upcoming Soap Spoof

What would happen if As The World Turns' original Craig Montgomery and Guiding Light's goofy Dr. Rick Bauer teamed up for a comedy series spoofing soap operas? It looks like we're about to find out! 

Scott Bryce and Michael O'Leary are currenty shopping the pilot episode of Steamboat, a comedy series about the last days of a soap opera. Directed by Bryce and written by O'Leary, Steamboat also stars O'Leary's former GL costars Beth Chamberlin (who is also serving as a story consultant), Kurt McKinney (Liam, Gotham), Justin Deas, Orlagh Cassidy and Bryce's ATWT costar Michael Park (Richard, Gotham).

The pilot eppy of Steamboat was shot at Palace Digital Studios in South Norwalk, CT. Hmm, how much y'all wanna bet we will see some of Chamberlin's Kettlebells as product placement? For more info on this new venture, check out Steamboat'Facebook page.

Phillip Granville Spaulding Happens Here

Before I get to the main event regarding the much ballyhooed resurrection of the lost Spaulding heir, a little housekeeping is in order.

First, no matter what one may think of the current state of Guiding Light or its prospects for survival, one cannot fault CBS for not marketing the high holy hell out of the return of Grant Aleksander and the character of Phillip Granville Spaulding. GL/Phillip/Aleksander has been everywhere: print ads and a steady barrage of television commercials have been broadcast non-stop, right down to a live interview with Sarah Bibel on Internet advertising has been almost overwhelming.

Think I'm exaggerating? Consider that the publicity has run so deep and so wide that outlets as disparate as have featured two video packages to The Wall Street Journal's financial/investment website have featured Aleksander/GL related material. Hell, all that was missing was a Super Bowl commercial; given how ubiquitous the marketing has been, no doubt CBS would have run one had it broadcast the game! I don't believe I have seen this much publicity for a soap since the heydey of General Hospital's Luke & Laura or, more recently, Susan Lucci's reported pay cut.

Jon Lindstrom cast as Craig Montgomery on As the World Turns

WeLoveSoaps is reporting that Jon Lindstrom has been cast as the new Craig Montgomery on As the World Turns. His first airdate is December 3rd.

Lindstrom is best known for his roles as twin brothers Kevin Collins and Ryan Chamberlain on General Hospital and Port Charles.

Scott Bryce, the original Craig, was fired earlier this year. Do you think Craig is needed on the canvas right now? And what are your thoughts about another recast (Lindstrom is the fourth actor playing Craig)?

Scott Bryce to replace Grant Aleksander as GL’s Philip Spaulding?

The message boards of several soap sites are ablaze with the rumor that recently departed As The World Turns actor Scott Bryce (ex-Craig) is going over to ATWT's sister soap Guiding Light as a recast for Philip Spaulding.

This possible turn of events could prove highly topical, considering Bryce would be replacing wildly popular fan favorite Grant Aleksander as the Spaulding scion. Bryce, while popular on ATWT during his initial run as Craig Montgomery in the 80's, didn't seem to strike a cord with newer fans during his most recent stint. Possibly due to Hunt Block's recent popularity in the role opposite Cady McClain's Rosanna and Maura West's Carly. 

As GL fans know, Philip Spaulding was "killed off" by his own father Alan (Ron Raines) following the character being written into the corner after having a nervous breakdown and planning to escape from Springfield with all of his children from his various wives.

The show later revealed that Philip hadn't died and the character was spirited off to a mental hospital offscreen. However he managed to escape and contact his beloved uncle Ross Marler ( Jerry Ver Dorn, now Clint, OLTL) who died in a plane crash en route to rescuing Philip from himself. None of these actions have endeared the once noble character to GL fans, however a return of Philip has always been out there looming on the Springfield horizon. 

Currently the character is sending his ex-wife Beth (Beth Chamberlain) cryptic text messages offscreen and recently posted bail for Beth's current husband Rick Bauer (Michael O' Leary), who also happens to be Philip's oldest friend. Philip's possible return also resulted in another of his exes-a dying Olivia (Crystal Chappell)-bonding with Philip's brother Gus (soon-to-be exiting Ricky Paull Golden) who has promised to protect Olivia and Philip's daughter Emma from the madman once Olivia dies. 

All of this definitely gives the Bryce rumor legs, especially since Grant Aleksander, now a director at ATWT, has reportedly been approached several times about reprising the role, but has continued to turn the offers down. We'll keep you posted as the story develops.

As the World Turns: Scott Bryce Talks About Firing with TV Guide

Former As the World Turns' star is talking about getting fired from the role of Craig Montgomery with TV Guide. We have posted an excerpt for you but you will DEFINATELY want to check out the interview in its entirety. You created Craig in 1982, played him off-and-on into the '90s, then came back to the show just last April. It should have been a triumphant return. What went haywire?

Bryce: I've had dozens of relationships with executive producers and this one, with Chris Goutman, was odd and very disconnected. I think we had an inherent disagreement or a different vision of who Craig is. The plots on the show are so much darker than they used to be — dead babies, pornography, methamphetamines — and maybe I didn't fit into that vision. It's not the ATWT I remember from those many years ago. Chris would say to me, "This is your character, run with it." But when I did he never seemed pleased. Craig, as I understood him, has a need for family and love and fulfillment, and at all costs, which is what creates all the mayhem and madness in his life. Yes, he's a villain but he doesn't know that.

On the Stands: Do The Writers Even Know Who the Text Message Killer Is?

Oh boy I'm not sure where to start with the cover of Soap Opera Weekly this week. Obviously Scott Bryce fans are upset about his firing. Melissa Gallo leaving the role of Adrianna on One Life to Live is old news. So that pretty much leaves us with the Young and Restless Victor and Nikki's divorce. I don't read the Young and Restless spoilers so if there is a twist that Victor doesn't see coming then I am all for it. Other than that, this week's cover is a bit blah for me this week.

Soap Opera Digest on the other hand does have my immediate attention. With each passing week my belief that General Hospital's Coop was supposed to be the Text Message Killer before the Writers Strike but that a major storyline change was made by scab writers that makes him the hunted instead of the hunter. To be honest I'm not sure the writers know who the Text Message Killer is. Who do you think the Text Message Killer is?

Then we have the CBS and ABC Soaps In Depth Covers. Obviously Tom Pelphrey fans are ecstatic at his return to Guiding Light and I must admit It will be great to have him back.

What really bothers me is that Jesse Soffer and Jennifer Landon are leaving As the World Turns. Sure they're character's couple is the most boring thing on the show under 30 but why couldn't the writers break the couple up and then give them something juicy to sink their teeth into?

And what about the ABC cover. As someone who has only been watching All My Children for ten years I didn't have the "pleasure" of watching them the first time around and I am more than a little intrigued to see what their return does for the show. Granted, a successful return is dependant in no small part on the ability of the people who are writing for them (and lets face it we have a huge question mark when it comes to that) but I'm definitely looking forward to what is in store for this couple.