What Drama Will Bring Ted Shackelford’s Gary Ewing Home to ‘Dallas’?


What kind of chaos will Jock and Miss Ellie's (the late Jim Davis and Barbara Bel Geddes) boozehound son Gary (Ted Shackelford) bring with him when he returns to Dallas in Season 2? According to the Dallas Fanzine's Facebook page, Gary will be thrown into the battle for the drilling rights beneath Southfork.

Are Ted Shackelford and Joan Van Ark Heading Back To Dallas?

Could Ted Shackelford  and Joan Van Ark be gearing up for a reunion at the Southfork ranch? Van Ark chatted with KSiteTV about the possibility of her and her former Knots Landing leading man reprising the roles of Valene and Gary Ewing for TNT's reboot of Dallas.
The Ewings of Dallas are returning soon (on TNT June 13). Is there any chance we might see Valene on this new show?

Well, rumor has it… I’m having lunch with Ted Shackelford tomorrow. They asked him to come down and be part of it. It was several months ago, and he’s deeply into filming The Young And The Restless, the daytime soap for CBS. But if they asked Gary, maybe they’ll ask [for Val].

GH’s Kin Shriner Temps For Y&R’s Ted Shackelford

 ABC Soaps In Depth is reporting General Hospital alum Kin Shriner will  briefly step in for Ted Shackelford at The Young and the Restless. Shriner is slated to appear in three episodes. According to a statement released by Y&R:

 Kin Shriner is temporarily stepping in on Y&R as Jeff Bardwell because Ted Shackelford is not available. Kin's episodes will begin airing in late April.

The Primetime and The Restless: Ex-Practice Star Michael Badalucco To Y&R

Entertainment Weekly is reporting The Young and the Restless has snagged yet another primetime actor for the sudser.  Emmy-winner Michael Badalucco has landed the role of Hogan (of course!) a bookie who assists Kevin (Greg Rikaart) and Jeff (Ted Shackelford) in getting some dead presidents pumped into Gloworm. The Practice star will appear starting Oct. 13.

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Ted Shackelford: “Jeffrey Does Have A Moral Core”

In an interview with TV Guide Canada Ted Shackelford discusses his The Young and the Restless character Jeffrey Bardwell, Dallas and Knots Landing, the Fisher-Baldwin family and how soaps have changed since his role on Another World.  

TVG: In his own warped way, I think Jeffrey’s a pretty loyal and nice guy deep down. Describe Jeffrey for me.

TS: Jeffrey plays chess using people in his life as pieces. [Laughs] I think he really loves Gloria and really loves hanging out with her. And the feeling is mutual because I love working and hanging out with Judith. As you can imagine, she’s a hoot to work with. We laugh and scratch a lot! Jeffrey does love Gloria but make no mistake — he’s also out for Jeffrey. And therein lies the conflict in his character. But he’d like to take Gloria along with him for the ride. Jeffrey does have a moral core to him, but I’m just not sure what it is yet. I don’t think he’d ever kill anybody, but barring that …