Former One Life to Live Baddie Ty Treadway Out as ‘Good Morning Texas’ Co-Host, After Just Two Months

Ex-One Life to Live star Ty Treadway is looking for work again. The actor and one-time host of SOAPnet's evening gabfest Soap Talk, was recently hired by Dallas' ABC affiliate WFAA to co-host Good Morning Texas. According to Media Bistro, Treadway is no longer with the station, after just two months. Maybe it's time for Treadway's former OLTL baddie, Dr. Troy MacIver, to look for a gig at a new (GeneralHospital

Catherine Hickland on One Life To Live Return: “It’s Sort Of Ambiguous”

Just what brings outspoken soap veteran Catherine Hickland back to One Life To LiveTV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan gets the scoop from Hickland on what viewers can expect when alter ego Lindsay Rapapport returns to Llanview.
TV Guide Magazine: Back to OLTL. Word is, after the big prison break an incognito Lindsay makes a beeline for her old flame Bo [Bob Woods]. Does she still have a thing for him?

Hickland: It's sort of ambiguous. I'm not being coy. I really couldn't tell from the script. But, yeah, I got to work with Bob and Hillary B. Smith [Nora] and Ty Treadway a bit. For me, it was a satisfying ending for my character. I liked the idea of playing Lindsay one more time. That character has a place in history on that show, that's for sure. Though, at that point, Prospect Park was still planning to take the show to the Internet. I was happy to wrap it up, or leave it open. Whatever they had in mind.

Hickland also dishes on why she came out swinging against OLTL and All My Children getting the axe from ABC and speaking out against former ABC Daytime President Brian Frons.

Ty Treadway and Real World Producers Sell Docusoap About Sunset Strip’s Saddle Ranch to VH1

Ty Treadway's former Soap Talk constant interrupter co-host Lisa Rinna isn't the only one jumping onto the reality bandwagon. In an interview with Soap Opera Digest,  the former One Life to Live stud-turned-Days of Our Lives newbie revealed he recently sold a docusoap pilot, which he partnered with Bunim-Murray Productions—producers of MTV's The Real World docusoap franchise— to create. Treadway's potential series will revolve around the famous Saddle Ranch bar on L.A.'s Sunset Strip, where he once mixed a mean drink as a bartender. 

"There was always intermingling and drama, and this one sleeping with this one, and this one got a role in the new Brad Pitt movie, and it was always exciting."

Ty Treadway on Dirty Sexy Money

Ty Treadway, former One Life to Live star and talk show host, made a cameo on tonight's Dirty Sexy Money as a reporter interviewing the Darling family about the Senatorial swearing-in shooting tragedy.

Question: I haven't seen Treadway on TV in a while, but is it just me or does it look like the show frosted his sideburns to make him look older?

Game On!

Jennifer, Colin, & Lindsay
Every once in a while a soap produces a story arc that renews one's faith in the genre.

One Life to Live's "Who Wants to Be Shane Morasco's Father?" may have been a stunt but they were also episodes that managed to do right just about everything the 40th anniversary episodes got wrong.

In the bargain, they did everything the anniversary episodes did right just a few notches better. I know this kind of thing is not everyone's cup of tea, but I'll take this little detour the way Star Trek's Captain Picard likes his Earl Grey: Hot!

Borrowing the Who Wants to be a Millionaire? set, OLTL took what was rapidly becoming a hoary cliche — the near death out of body experience — and instantly breathed new life into it. While Viki's latest visit to "heaven" here and the shared Chris/Allison/Aaron Fellini-esque versions on As the World Turns were done very well, the staging and production of Rex's game show experience lent the entire sequence an air of immediacy that a cheesy in-house set would have been unable to accomplish.

One Life to Live: Ty Treadway Returns!

Ty Treadway (Colin, One Life to Live; Soap Talk) is making his way back to Llanview!  Soap Opera Digest Online reports that Treadway makes his return in a dream sequence as a game show host. 

"Ty Treadway returns to ONE LIFE TO LIVE as the villainous Colin MacIver (who died in 2001) to host a game show aptly titled SO YOU THINK YOU CAN BE SHANE MORASCO'S FATHER. The dream sequence, which airs Oct 1-2, focuses on Rex and his not-so-good life as he is on the operating table being treated for a gun wound. The sequences were filmed on ABC's WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE set."