EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Soap Bad Boy Victor Alfieri Talks Southland, Ron Howard and The Days of His Hollywood Life


Italian cop-turned-Hollywood player Victor Alfieri's life would make the basis for quite the compelling character on a daytime soap opera. Maybe that's why he ended up starring in so many when he arrived in La La Land from Rome?

I recently caught up with the multi-soap alum to dish about his recurring role as passionate journalist Victor Cifuentes in TNT's Southland, which will premiere its latest season on Feb. 13. After he provides a sneak peek into what his character will be up to this season on Southland, talk turns to what a full circle moment it was for Alfieri to play a cop in 2009's Angels and Demons, the sequel to Ron Howard and Tom Hanks' monster box office hit The Da Vinci Code.

Alfieri also shares deets about his turn playing a billionaire who goes penniless per his dad's dying wish in the romantic comedy A Secret Promise. Then we chat about the multi-tasking star moving behind-the-scenes to write and direct his own projects. Oh and for any lady hoping to get next to Days of Our Lives' former Franco Kelly — you gotta be down with his dog!

Daytime Confidential: Soap opera fans know you from your turns as sexy, foreign villains on Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful, All My Children and Passions. Now you're recurring on the hit cable drama Southland. What would you say is the biggest difference between doing a daytime drama vs. a primetime one?

Victor Alfieri: As an actor I find no difference, simply because I love acting and every time I have a chance to perform, theater, commercials, films or TV, I do exactly the same thing — express myself. I love it and embrace it. If I really have to pick a difference, then it's the time element. In primetime or film, we have more time to work on the material and more takes to nail our performance. In daytime everything moves fast. You have to be that good.
DC: Southland is set to return February 13 on TNT. Can you give us a sneak peek of what's in store for your character, journalist Victor Cifuentes?

VA: Victor is still involved in the Sammy/Tammi storyline. He is still in love with Tammi and taking care of her and the baby. She now lives at his place. That upsets Sammy who still comes around and gives her a hard time. I always liked the show, the way it is filmed. It is very close to reality.

DC: Prior to moving to Hollywood from Rome, you worked as an Italian police officer. Does being on the set of a cop drama feel like a full circle moment for you?

VA: Not so much on Southland, since I play a reporter, but it definitely felt that way when I played a cop in Angels and Demons. I remember the audition process in that movie, four times before I met with Ron Howard. After the meeting he told me, "Well, I guess life is coming full circle for you.  Now you are going to play a cop in this movie."  I learned a lot from Ron, from the audition process to the actual filming.

Victor Alfieri on AMC Role: Ciro “Doesn’t Respect Anybody, but in a Good Way”

We Love Soaps' Damon Jacobs caught up with All My Children's Victor Alfieri, who will play the famous photographer Ciro on the soap, where he will be mixing things up with the gals at Fusion. In the interview Alfieri sheds light on what AMC fans can expect from his character.
We Love Soaps: How is he crazy?

Victor Alfieri: Ciro is his name. He lives in his own world. He doesn’t follow any rules, he doesn’t respect anybody, but in a good way. He’s a very famous photographer. He thinks he is The Man and that people should just go to him. It’s funny to play because he’s a little cocky, but I’m playing him likable. He will make you laugh. He’s fun to play, and I think he’s fun to watch. He provides that comedic relief that every soap needs. So I read the material, I called my agent and manager said, “Yes, I want to do this, this is crazy, this is fun.” It happened very quickly. I accepted the first week in March, and started working March 10th. I met with the producer and the casting director, and both ladies are super nice. I felt right at home. I felt good inside. Like, “Wow this is a good family.” I showed up on set and all these ladies were so beautiful. I figured, “I’m going to stay here awhile.”

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