Wishful Casting Poll: If Robin Strasser Leaves, Who Should Play OLTL’s Dorian Lord?

* They should get Elaine Princi again. * AW and AMC's Anna Stuart would work in a pinch. * Victoria Wyndham replaced her to great success on AW, maybe it could work again? * GL's Marj Dusay will soon be out of a job. * Deborah Adair (ex-Jill, Y&R; ex-Kate, DAYS) could do it. * If we're talking ex-Jill's why not Camp Queen Brenda Dickson? * I always did want to see what Knots Landing's Donna Mills looked like as a brunette... * Raquel Welch anyone? * No one. Absolutely no one can play Dorian like Strasser and if she leaves I will stop watching OLTL!
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The Saga of Another World’s Mac and Rachel

Although Douglass Watson, the actor who portrayed the character of Mac Cory on Another World died when I was only 12-years-old, Mac and Rachel's (Victoria Wyndham) love affair on Another World remains one of my favorite soap sagas. Who could ever forget the sweeping romance between the dashing, silver fox, publishing magnate and the town tramp? Talk about taming the shrew!

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Emmy Moments: MUST SEE!

If you haven't watched a single Emmy Moments clip that we've posted than this is the one you'll want to check out. 1985's 12th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards features a who's who of stars in the opening seconds and the 80's hairstyles in the first 1.04 minutes are worth the watch, trust me.

Be sure to keep a look out for Kim Zimmer, Peter Reckell, Melody Thomas, Susan Lucci and Jack Wagner. For someone who was only six at the time and is watching this for the first time it's quite a blast from the past.

Lindsay Lohan Books Role In Manson Family Biopic “Manson Girls”

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Another World grad Lindsay Lohan has signed on to play Nancy Pitman one of the members of the deranged Charlie Manson "family" who went on a notorious killing spree that ended in the death of actress Sharon Tate among others in 1969. For those of you who didn't know, Lohan played the granddaughter of Rachel Cory (Victoria Wyndham), Ally Fowler on Another World in the mid-90s. She left the show to film the remake of The Parent Trap and the role was SORAS'ed with future General Hospital actress Alicia Leigh Willis assuming the role. With all of Lohan's, shall we say "issues" in recent years, I can't help but wonder if taking on such a disturbing role is a good choice for the young starlet. Can't someone greenlight Mean Girls Part 2?

Must Read: Victoria Wyndham Interview

Another World's Victoria Wyndham has done and AWESOME interview about her 20+ years on the classic soap. The battle between NBC and Procter & Gamble to keep Another World on the air and how NBC wanted to get rid of her and turn Another World into a Passions type show. She also talks about her life during and post Another World, the co-stars she still keeps in contact with, her art, and the state of the world.

We've posted some excerpts of the interview below but let me just say that considering what one learns NBC did to Another World and how they went about it and then you compare it to what Days of Our Lives is going through now it is obvious that Days of Our Lives has a huge fight on its hands to survive.

DS: When you’re known so well for one particular role--Rachel Cory in Another World--yet you are multi-dimensional, how do you handle the frustration that must breed inside yourself?