Peep Officer Yani Gellman Telling The Pretty Little Liars About Another Dead Body!

Those Pretty Little Liars from Philadelphia's Main Line have found themselves a new protector (Or is he? You never know on this show!). Check out The Young and the Restless legal eagle Yani Gellman (Rafe) as Officer Garrett Reynolds in a clip from tonight's episode on ABC Family. Looks like 'A' strikes again!

DC Exclusive: Yani Gellman Talks Going Gay on Y&R and Going Greek Tonight on ABC Family

In 2009 Yanni Gellman's boyishly-handsome face was splashed all over the pages of the gay press and online blogs (like this one) once it was spoiled Rafe Torres, the earnest, young attorney he portrays on daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless, was set  to be involved in a gay storyline on the sudser. Now it's primetime Gellman hopes to make his mark on. 

On tonight's episode of ABC Family's hit dramedy Greek (10/9c), Gellman reprises the role of Pete, a nice, rich kid frat boy, who sparked an attraction with Ashleigh (Amber Stevens) in last week's installment of the serial. I recently caught up with Gellman, who shares what it's like woring with Stevens, as well as fellow daytime alum Spencer Grammer (ex-Lucy, As The World Turns), who plays Casey on the college soap. We also talk about his controversial Y&R storyline, and whether or not Rafe still has feelings for the dastardly Adam Newman (Michael Muhney).
Daytime Confidential: Tell me about your role on tonight's episode of Greek?

Yani Gellman: I play the character of Pete, who is from a rather well-to-do family, but he's pretty humble and doesn't like to show that off. He's a member of the Omega Chi fraternity, and in last week's episode he happened to meet the one and only Ashleigh, played Amber Stevens, at an interfraternity baseball game where sparks flew. Tonight's episode picks up from there.

Michael Muhney on Adam: “What Makes Him Tick Is Self-preservation”

Michael Muhney did an interview with After Elton about his role as Adam on The Young and the Restless and in it he discusses what makes Adam tick.

AE: Now, I hadn't seen it this way, but you said something that made me wonder if you might see if differently: Is Adam sort of curious about this experience, or was this just something he did just because he needed to do it to further his schemes?

MM: I think primarily what makes him tick is self-preservation, so yes, first and foremost, the initial reasoning for doing anything is "How am I going to get out of this scot-free?" It's like act now, think about it later. He doesn't put his emotions first, he puts his motives first.

However, upon doing something like that, I feel as though wouldn't anybody question yourself? Even if the answer to yourself is, "No. No I'm not," aren't you going to at least question it?

Einstein said, "There's no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid answers." He can ask any question he wants, and question that moment as deeply as he might want, and wonder why he did that and why he followed through all the way. Depending on how he can come up with an answer, that's how he's going to be able to handle that situation and digest it and move forward.

I think it would be a natural process to question a situation like that, questioning your sexuality, questioning just how detestable and despicable of a person are you for trying to fool other people into thinking you're someone that you're not. I think if you're not a sociopath, you're gonna question things.

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Y&R Peek-A-Boo: Nikki Sees Adam and Rafe

Well that didn't last long. The secret romance of The Young and the Restless' Adam (Michael Muhney) and Rafe (Yani Gellman) may become public knowledge courtesy of Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott). The chinchilla wearing socialite walks in on her wicked ex-stepson, and the innocent legal eagle in a jaw dropping situation. Now with this new bit of information, what will Victor (Eric Braeden) think when he hears his offspring's allegedly, "over the rainbow?" Ay Dios Mio! To be a fly on that wall.....

Adam and Rafe, Much Ado About Nothing?

Today was the big day on The Young and the Restless. Adam (Michael Muhney) and Rafe (Yani Gellman) did the dirty. It all took place off-screen, but the moment it was over and Rafe left Adam was speed dialing his way to a "I wanna forget what just happened as soon as humanly possible" hookup with Heather Stevens (Vail Bloom). It turns out Heather was just what a botox supplying doctor might order. Or at least that is how Adam made it look.

What did you think of today's scenes? Were they more, less or exactly what you expected? Where would you like to see Adam and Rafe's storyline go from here? Would Rafe be better off with Phillip Chancellor III? More pictures after the jump.