Wed-Locked Surprise!

Zack Conroy and Yvonna Wright  made an appearance on Sunday's new episode of Wed-Locked. The episode–entitled "Surprise!!!"–finds newlyweds Denise (Karla Mosley) and Robert (Lawrence Saint-Victor) debating how to best celebrate their anniversary. Watch the episode after the jump.

Requiem for a Daytime Drama, Part Four

The fourth in a highly personal, non-objective series highlighting various aspects of the last episodes of Guiding Light, which will end its 72 year run on September 18th

The penultimate episode of Guiding Light was light on story, but extraordinarily high in emotion and closure — and there was one bit of ridiculousness about which, at this late date, I could ultimately only laugh.

Jill Lorie Hurst & Ellen Wheeler threw in so many twists, turns and delightful surprises that it was hard to keep up! Danny (Paul Anthony Stewart), Michelle (Nancy St. Alban) and Robbie moved back to Springfield! Remy (Lawrence Saint-Victor) found out that he and Christina (Karla Mosely) really weren't married — again, only to be informed by the not-Mrs. Boudreaux that she is pregnant! Mel (Yvonna Wright) & Cryus (Murray Bartlett) burned up the well-worn sheets at the Beacon! Even Daisy (Bonnie Dennison) got accepted to college, which was a delightful shock, given that not only did I have no idea she had applied to a university, but was more shocked that she actually could read!

In some ways these developments were mere appetizers for two of the biggest, most emotionally satisfying payoffs Guiding Light could have ever delivered for its long time, faithful fans!

Requiem for a Daytime Drama, Part One

The first in a highly personal, non-objective series highlighting various aspects of the last episodes of Guiding Light, which will end its 72 year run on September 18th.

These final weeks of Guiding Light have been pure torture to watch. I don't mean "the new production model" (a phrase I never hope to hear again in my lifetime) or Bonnie Dennison's (Daisy) futile attempts to remember her lines. No, what has been extraordinarily difficult for me as a viewer — who vividly remembers when Roger (Michael Zaslow) kidnapped Holly (Maureen Garrett) in the Caribbean and Ed (then Mart Hulswit) threw him off a cliff — is watching the series' stories come to their inevitable conclusions.

Guiding Twilight

One of the hardest tasks in all of television must be bringing a daytime drama to a close. In other realms of entertainment, plays and musicals can be resurrected through countless revivals. Primetime TV shows can come and go, yet have the potential to be re-imagined or rebooted for the small or big screen. The biggest box office disasters can live on via countless direct-to-DVD sequels. Radio hosts and their dubiously talented sidekicks can be fired for the most hateful commentary, yet live on with the same formats other stations to be spiteful for another day.

With the exception of Dark Shadows, once a soap opera is canceled it is gone forever. During my time I've watched some of my favorites disappear: The City, Port Charles, Generations, Texas, and — in my opinion — two of the genre's titans, Santa Barbara and The Edge of Night. Many of you are still missing your own beloved shows over the last three decades as well. Fans of Capitol, Love of Life, Sunset Beach, Passions, Search for Tomorrow, and the still mourned Another World among others express their loss as if there yet remains a certain kind of grief that has not yet abated after all these years. Soon we will lose another giant among soaps: in less than ten short weeks, Guiding Light will shine for the last time on CBS.

GL’s Mel and Cyrus: Aussie Fever?

Ruh roh. Somebody better hide Ellen Wheeler from the Cyrina fans. Instead of a reunion between Cyrus and Marina (Mandy Bruno), Murray Bartlett is teasing SOAPnet's David Ozanich about some upcoming chemistry testing with Mel (Yvonna Wright)!

Do you know what the future holds for Cyrus?

I do, but they won't let me tell you anything.

Can you at least HINT at anything?

Well, there's some stuff coming up with Cyrus and Buzz which I think is quite lovely. I love the way they're going to tie up the story but they've asked me not to spoil the surprise. There's some stuff coming up that's been shot but hasn't been to air between Cyrus and Mel - they've been flirting a little bit.
Sounds hot to me! Somebody better tell Cyrus, chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hands!

Wishful Casting: GL’s Yvonna Kopacz-Wright as OLTL’s Evangeline

Since there will be plenty of time for Wishful Castings based on Guiding Light's more buzzed about stars, I figured I would concentrate on where I could see some of the soap's lesser knowns end up, starting with Yvonna Kopacz-Wright. I would love to see what this strikingly-beautiful actress would do with the role of Evangeline on One Life to Live.

Now I have to admit, when Kopacz-Wright first appeared on GL I was not impressed. I thought she was yet another typical, cookie cutter, bland, soap actress brought on the satisfy a diversity quota. It wasn't until the actress showcased her comedic chops opposite Mel's BFFs Harley (then-Beth Ehlers), Blake (Liz Kiefer) and Cassie (then-Laura Wright), and later her ability to portray one heck of a desperate doctor's wife when Rick (Michael O'Leary) began cheating on her with Beth (Beth Chamberlin), that I began to see what the actress was truly capable of.

Top 10 Reasons To Watch Guiding Light Right Now

Funny how the universe sometimes lines up and minds think alike, isn't it? Guiding Light is in the thoughts of a lot of people these days. Bloggers, soap journalists and industry watchers — not to mention the writers, cast and crew of GL — are all on pins and needles about this 72 year old institution. The writing has been on the wall among commentators on the Internet and in the soap press for some time regarding GL's maybe/probably/likely cancellation, which would essentially signal the final march along daytime's trail of tears as the end of the genre.

The signs are obvious and ominous: GL has been hovering at a 1.5 rating for the last few months, a situation exacerbated by a genre-crushing free fall in advertising revenues, which have in turn led to massive budget cuts by the networks for all the shows. If GL doesn't get its act together by the Ides of April, as our own Jamey Giddens so aptly put it, the oldest series on broadcast television will bite the dust. However, there is hope. As has been reported here, Guiding Light needs the minimum of a steady 1.8 rating to avoid getting the ax.

Back to minds thinking alike: Just as I was finalizing this list, Mr. Giddens posted his "Top 10 Last Ditch Stunts To Save Guiding Light," followed by Spauldingfield's awesome GL promo posted by Luke Kerr. Because of their excellent efforts I almost decided to not post these recommendations, but the situtation at Guiding Light is so important to those of us who love the show that I felt it was more important to contribute to the call to keep GL on the air and risk repetition than not do so. Therefore, consider these considerations an addition to their efforts. GL needs viewers not tomorrow, but today and here are ten reasons to tune in right now!