Caption This

Caption This: What Needs To Be Said?

Yesterday's General Hospital "Caption This" was a scene between Jason (Steve Burton) and Carly (Laura Wright). Today's is between Jason and Sam (Kelly Monaco). There is so much water under the bridge between these two characters, take your best "Caption This" shot at what you think needs to be said.

In honor of the SOAPnet Valentines promo here is mine. Sam to Jason "I think I love you."

Caption This: Donna Surfer Chick Logan

Take your best shot at Donna Surfer Chick Logan (Jennifer Gareis)  at the Forrester's only fashion show in 2008.

Caption This: By the Power of Gayskull!

By the power of Gayskull! Take your best punch at this Caption This from today's As the World Turns when Noah (Jake Silbermann) punched Luke's (Van Hansis) step granddaddy out! Check out more pictures of what happened after the jump. READ MORE

Caption This: Santa's Little Helper

Take your best Caption This shot at Santa's little helper, One Life to Live's Roxy (Ilene Kristen).

Caption This: 1-800-1HOTDOC

This one is for our own Naughty Nicki to enjoy on Christmas Eve. Take your best Caption This shot at Days of Our Lives' Dr. Daniel (Shawn Christian).

Caption This: Jailhouse Fatherly Wrath

Take your best Caption This shot at this scene of Adam (Chris Engen) pleading with Victor (Eric Braeden) to help him get out of jail.