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The Decline Of The American Soap Opera

With the news of All My Children and One Life to Live being canceled on Thursday, April 12, 2011, the American Soap Opera genre spun into a state of disaster. Over a span of three years, the genre has lost a total of five soap operas, leaving the final four standing. What could cause shows that have been on the air for 40 plus years to get the boot from their respective networks? What does this mean for the American soaps still on the air? What are the key factors to a successful soap? Is it possible that in five years the American Soap Opera will be a thing of the past? So many questions, so little time. I have a few theories and comments of why the genre that has captured the hearts of Americans for years is slowly but surely fading into oblivion.

Oprah is Looking For The World's Biggest Soap Fan!

Calling all soap fans, Oprah has a contest for you! The daytime diva wants to know if you're the worlds biggest soap opera fan. By entering the contest on Oprah's website, you could appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show telling your love story for soaps. If you think the description below sounds like you, enter and win!

Are you a devoted soap opera viewer? Do you plan your day around watching soap operas? Do you record the soaps while you are at work and rush home to see what your favorite characters did that day? Do your favorite stars feel like members of the family? Do you live vicariously through their triumphs and struggles? Do you remember where you were when Luke and Laura got married or when Erika Kane walked down the aisle for the tenth time? Who are your favorite characters? Which couples did you desperately want to see together again? Which storylines made you laugh, cry or changed your life? Which soap that is no longer on the air do you miss the most? If you are a fan of the soaps and are willing to share your love of daytime dramas on The Oprah Winfrey Show, we want to hear from you!

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Is Clint Going Too Far on One Life to Live?

Recently, Clint Buchanan has gone through a major shift in character. When I began watching OLTL in mid-2008, Clint seemed to have a shady side to him but it was nothing like it is now. At first, I really enjoyed Clint embracing his inner Asa Buchanan. However, over the past few weeks I feel like he’s starting to go a little overboard. I understand that Clint wants to get revenge on the people who have done him wrong, but does he have to so cruel about it? It’s one thing to get revenge on someone but it’s a whole other to do it so ruthlessly, so quickly. READ MORE

BREAKING NEWS: Days of Our Lives Renewed For Two More Years!

In some fantastic news for the soap opera industry, Days Of Our Lives has been renewed for another two years by NBC. Executive Producer Ken Corday  reportedly announced the news at the sudser's 45th anniversary party on Saturday. The news was confirmed by former DAYS head writer Sheri Anderson via Facebook.

Friday's OLTL Hears An Echo From The Past

Kim Zimmer made her grand return to the soap opera world Friday as Echo DiSavoy on One Life to Live and if you blinked you missed it. La Zimmer was on screen for a total 10 seconds with no background story to reintroduce the character, leaving everyone who wasn’t watching the show 27 years ago a little confused. At least, that was the feeling in my case. I would have been a little less confused if the character’s name was mentioned in passing in the last week or two. That way, I could have had a chance to possibly research her. Also, I would have benefitted from One Life to Live promoting the return of an actress the caliber of Kim Zimmer.

If you weren’t involved in the soap opera community beyond watching on television, then you had no clue Kim Zimmer was going to show up on One Life to Live. I honestly don’t understand the lack of promotion for this actress. The show really missed a chance to get some of those old Guiding Light fans still watching soaps to come over to One Life to Live and see their starlet. READ MORE

General Hospital Opening Finally Gets an Update

In news that is sure to bring joy to all General Hospital fans, especially Daytime Confidential's own J Bernard Jones, the show's opening is finally getting a makeover, according to The current sequence debuted in 2004 and features many characters who have long since departed the sudser. Be sure to catch the new opening on Feb. 23.