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Y&R: Genoa City's Gossiping Ghoul Girl

For months I've watched Jana Hawkes-Fisher (Emily O'Brien) turn from kooky, goth, mother-earth-in-waiting-girl to The Young and the Restless' own version of General Hospital's Amy Vining. The entire thing is a bit nauseating to say the least. I never got into Jana, I thought she was a bit of a throwaway character (still do in retrospect), and a bit of a scene filler. After she was revamped from a underworld disciple into an upstanding citizen, thanks to the brain tumor storyline, I tried to give her some leeway to shine and to breakout of the monotonous box that she was trapped in, to no avail.

Today, to put it mildly, I'm just fed up with her. All she seems to do these days is stick her nose into things that don't concern her and cause tremendous fallout afterward. Will someone please shut that girl down? Now that she's married, you'd think that she would try to settle it down. Isn't that what marriage is suppose to do? In Jana's case, all it seems to have done is spark the nosy gene. READ MORE

Finola's Summer Swan Song a bust?

School's back in session and summer has ended and its left this General Hospital viewer to question, where the hell is the huge summer storyline Anna Devane fans were promised? Finola Hughes gave up a tremendous chance to work with soap legends such as Eric Braeden, Jeanne Cooper and Melody Thomas Scott. She forfeited the opportunity to reunite with her old onscreen husband Vincent Irizarry due to "loyalty" (pressure in my book) for ABC and with General Hospital's assurance that she was needed for a great storyline to be played out this summer. That is what we were told, but what did we get?

We got the same ole' same ole' Patrick and Robin butting heads and Anna being the referee. Need I remind GH and The Young and the Restless viewers that Hughes was and is NOT on contract with GH? She gave up a potentially plum gig over at the eye network on good faith of a "big summer storyline," that involved Anna and her daughter Robin. Instead we get cartoon Anna coming in once again for laughs.

What did you think of Finola Hughes summer storyline?

Guiding Light: Grady's Murder Trial, Yay or Nay?

It's been a year and a half since Tammy Winslow Randall was tragically run down by Grady Foley. Last Friday and Monday's episodes of Guiding Light finally saw the murderer go on trial for his crimes. However, it was nothing like I expected it to be.

Instead of having a big soapy courtroom affair, we were subjected to watching a pathetic excuse for a courtroom set along with the fastest murder trial ever. You would think the trial would be a long-term event, especially with all the drama that came from Tammy's murder itself. Yet, I forgot this was Guiding Light and as usual there is no justice. Even though, the show has been improving lately they really dropped the ball on this one. I was wondering how everyone else felt about the trial.

Did you enjoy Grady's Murder Trial?

Weighing in on Night Shift


Robert's back!  What did you think of Tristan Rogers' return last night on Night Shift?  Drop a comment and weigh in on Night Shift episode three. 

I appreciated the nod to history and it's clear that Sri Rao (Night Shift's new head writer) is the fan he claims to be. But what about the decision to give Robert Scorpio a brain tumor?  Tristan Rogers gave his thoughts on Night Shift thus far on his official message board.

"We are now two shows into the series and the news is all positive. Oh yeah, say some? From a business standpoint yes. The figures are positive even if all the comments are not. My only desire is that you give this a chance. It is not the same animal as NS1 was. It has been put together in a different way. How is that, say some?

Well the premise is quite simple. It's about .......a hospital. The action, situations, drama and relationships are all centered around, for the most part, medical issues. We do not bring in anything else. And why should we? All manner of health related problems are a large part of life, with plenty of material available for a TV show. If this was not so hundreds of medical shows would never have happened. READ MORE

Victor's Reversal Revealed

On today's episode of The Young and the Restless, viewers finally found out the answer to the great American debate. How did Victor Newman become an expectant father?

Many fans had their own answer to that highly controversial topic. They ranged from poster Jorpa stating, I'm still hoping that Sabrina is just a plot point to keep Victor distracted so everyone can get together to plot his downfall. To KingTV's prayers that, It is revealed that Sabrina has been conning Victor all along and that the baby is not even his. What if she and Adam slept together one night off-screen or maybe this ex-bf they are about to bring on is the father? The possibilities were endless.

CBS's VP of daytime Barbara Bloom even spoke out about it when questioned by Soap Opera Digest and fans were assured that all will be revealed in due time.

Now that Nikki, along with everyone else, were given the answer the question still remains, are fans happy with the end result?

Wouldn't Nikki know that her husband got the procedure reversed? Why did he keep it a secret and was he planning to have more children with Nikki?

What are your thoughts?

Thank You Guiding Light!

The past two episodes of Guiding Light were absolutely wonderful. The show finally gave us what we wanted. There was romance, passion, suspense, dilemma, humor, real emotions, and most of all the use of history and veteran actors. The show finally wrote for the characters and not for the plot! The recreation of one of soaps best weddings ever set the stage for some great drama. READ MORE