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As The World Turns: "Goodnight, Dear"

It’s been a very interesting 12 years for As The World Turns and myself. We’ve had our good times, bad times, and at times we weren’t in touch at all, but it was always there for me to return to. However, as of Friday, September 17 at 2pm, that will not be case. The world will stop turning and it will take a little piece of my heart with it.

As the World Turns was the first soap I watched that my mother didn't. My aunt babysat me during the summer and she would watch it, which meant I watched it. This is why it holds a special place in my heart. In regards to storylines, I quickly found myself hooked on Jack and Carly, Barbara Ryan, John Dixon, Hal Munson, and a number of other characters. I watched the show religiously until about mid-2004, a few months after the death of Rose. READ MORE

LIVE BLOGGING: As The World Turns The Final Episode

My little soap heart is crying today. The last episode ever of As the World Turns is here and it's hard to believe. I hope y'all will join me as I live blog the show for the final time today. Don't forget to drop me a line in the comments about your favorite memory of As the World Turns. I'll be starting shortly.

This is how I remember the show starting(couldn't find a good one from 1998, so this will do):

I can't forget this one either:

We open with Bob Hughes walking through the hospital reflecting on his life over the years in Oakdale.  He's also doing a voice over talking about the people of Oakdale and how things are special in the little town.

Lily brings Ethan to Holden so they can go fishing.

Bob is still doing the voice-over speaking about how he's seen all the crazy events of everyone's lives. Bob's voice-over is acting as a parallel for the "voice" of the fans and all the things we've seen over the years.

Barbara and Henry are about to get their freak on. It looks like Paul and Emily are as well. READ MORE

LIVE BLOGGING: As The World Turns Thursday

The Final Two! Only two more episdoes and the world stops turning, at least for us soap fans. I hope everyone's ready for a little live blogging. Don't forget to drop me a line in the comments about your favorite memories of ATWT and the current happenings in Oakdale. We'll be starting shortly.

We open with Janet screaming, "I don't want to have my baby in a car!" Yeah, that's how you open up the next to last show EVER of a 54 year old show. Another fine job from CBS? Who do I have to PAY to get Emma, Lisa, Bob, Kim, Babs, etc, on the show before the last episode??

Anywho, back to the show. Carly has to step out because she looks like she's gonna pass out. Jack left already to get Dusty's stuff to deliver the baby. He comforts Carly and tells her not to pass out.

Lucinda talks to Luke about Reid. She wants to set up an endowment in his name. Luke says he would like that.

Holden walks Lily home and they look all flirty. They talk about Molly and Holden's feeling for her. Lily tells Holden she knows he would rather be down at the stables. Holden grabs Lily's hand and moves in close. He asks her if that an invitation to go to the stables. John Dixon interrupts and Lily wants to know the deal. John asks Lily to forgive Lucinda. Lily wants no part of it. READ MORE

LIVE BLOGGING: As The World Turns Wednesday

Hey Y'all! I hope everyone is ready for the 3rd to last episode ever of As The World Turns! Wow! That was a lot harder to type than I thought it would. Drop me a line in comments about As The World Turns and the citizens of Oakdale. We'll be starting shortly!

We start with Jack and Carly kissing, which I can't complain about. Rosanna comes and starts getting everybody ready. Someone in the comments yesterday said I should comment on her chest so here goes. It looks like the inmates are trying to escape from their cage. I just want somebody to yell "Get back in there!"

Craig shows up and sits next to Margo. She wants to know why he's there. He says the woman he's been obsessed with for years is getting married....O....K....

Sage comes down the isle in a dress that looks like she got it from Goodwill. Her mother is a freakin fashion designer. This is totally unacceptable.

Janet's going into labor and Dusty doesn't know what to do. Janet wants him to call Jack during his wedding. Janet replies "Oh yeah right, Carly would kill me if I interrupted her wedding!"

Parker walks Carly down the isle and makes Jack promise to take care of his mom. Jack gives Parker his word. Wedding music takes us out. READ MORE

LIVE BLOGGING: As The World Turns Tuesday

Hey Y'all! I'm back to live blog the last Tuesday episode of As The World Turns! Drop me a line the comments on thoughts of yesterdays' show or just your feelings about the show in general! We'll start in a little bit!

Gwen brings Carly breakfast in bed. Carly's nervous and Gwen tries to calm her down. Come on Carly. How many times have you married this man? Don't let those nerves get to you but then again it is Oakdale. 

Gwen has a surprise for Carly. It's Rosanna. Ro Ro's hair is looking redder and it makes me happy. I hope she's Real Ro Ro this time.

Jack, Dusty, and Janet are getting ready for the wedding. Janet looks like if you poke her, she roll over and pop right there.

Jack and Janet talk about the wedding and how both of them are okay with this. Janet says today is Jack and Carly's day. It's about damn time they get their day.

Lily runs into Craig. Craig wants to know when Lily is going to forgive him. I'd say in the next 3 days...

I wish Hunt Block would have come back for the last week. Martha Byrne too. Noelle Beck undoubtedly did a great job but I want my Martha as Lily! I can take or leave Lindstrom. Sorry folks. READ MORE

LIVE BLOGGING: As The World Turns Monday

Hello Everyone! It is with a heavy heart that I live blog the final week of As The World Turns. The 54-year old sudser leaves the airwaves this Friday and I can only hope to do it some justice with this live blog! Hopefully, Chris "Gut My Show" Goutman doesn't screw it up too badly. Drop me a line in the comments about the show, your favorite character, favortie storyline or just whatever's on your mind about the show. We'll be starting shortly!

We start with Jack and Carly in bed and who couldn't be a winner with those two! I love seing them all lovey dovey!

Flash to Sage bringing Jack and Carly breakfast in bed but Parker stops her. Sage let me tell you girl, you go in there right now, you might be scarred for life by what you see. Sage wants them to get married but Parker thinks that's when all the trouble starts. True facts Parker, True Facts!

Liberty is sulking over getting into F.I.T in NYC when Faith comes in and talks to her about it. Liberty says she's not going and I continue to not care.

Janet and Dusty are being all lovely dovey. Janet wants to take care of him after the whole Blackie fiasco. I will never understand why they named a new character Blackie. Jesus Take The Wheel. READ MORE