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Guiding Light Moment: Billy to Mindy: "You're NOT My Daughter!"


Welcome to one of the reasons why I watched Guiding Light. My older sister and I had to take a stroll back in time and relive the moments in our heads about what got us hooked on GL. I remember watching the storyline play out when one of soaps ultimate bad boys Roger Thorpe (the late Michael Zaslow) was hitting the sheets with his enemy Billy's (Jordan Clarke) baby girl, Melinda "Mindy" Sue Lewis played by Kimberley Simms at the time. So what if Roger and Mindy were tearing up a box spring, they are both adults right?


Y&R: Nina's Return

Nina's return to Genoa City is what the majority of Young and the Restless fans have been voicing and petitioning for since her cameo during Katherine's funeral. This opens up the opportunity for the very talented writing team over there at Y&R headquarters to take Nina into the story of either assisting with Katherine's complete recovery, bringing Jill down in true Y&R boardroom fashion, or better still help play out with assisting with undoing another paternity mess in Cane and Jill. In this video, Nina remembers the time Rose DeVille, played by the late Darlene Conley (bless her soul), took away her baby - the baby she shared with Phillip Chancellor III. These scenes taken during the time Nina was writing a novel about the entire Rose DeVille ordeal. Where is Y&R going to take Nina's character for the time she is in town, will they really play on the whole arch rival conflict with Jill, or will they have her opposite the woman who took her in - Katherine. Interesting times ahead for this show and for Tricia Cast.

DAYS Lost In Time: Alex Marshall & Marie Horton

In an earlier post from Jamey, the highlights brought to the forefront was a mix of wanted Days of Our Lives storylines to bring this show back from the brink. With a show such as this riding on a prestigous history, we can't help but long for the Days we grew up with back in the day of bliss and glamour. I scrambled upon this video tonight which reminded me how much I enjoyed scenes between the characters of Alex and Marie, a comic duo one moment, then a lovestruck the next - really shows why Days has so much opportunity to bring some of it's best characters back and relive some of the magic. Alex Marshall and Marie Horton had a daughter Jessica, who inturn is Nick Fallon's mother. Story potential? You betcha! The beginning of rebuilding the Horton family - the cornerstone of the show.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Greetings kids! Action is headed our way on The Young and the Restless!

Katherine/Jill: Its official, former enemies turned mother and daughter are NOT related! The saga unfolds when Jill of all people gives the idea to Nikki when the latter pushed for another DNA test. Jill denies this request and tells Nikki to have Brock come back in town for the testing. Nikki loves the idea and brings it up to Katherine. This is delightful for Katherine because she knows that Brock will prove who she's been saying she is, but at the same time, Katherine's also scared to have the test because it means that Jill will no longer be her daughter.

Katherine would love for them to keep their relationship as is, even though they've had fights the ladies still had some good times. Katherine will miss the close relationship they've created. Meanwhile, Jill is rejecting the thought of not being Katherine's daughter but as time goes on, it starts to look that way and Jill is very hurt and starts to act out in anger. Brock comes to town and he heads to Murphy's trailer where he sees the woman in question and knows that she is his mother. Mother and son share a heartfelt reunion and Katherine knows that she doesn't have to go all out to prove who she says she is to Brock. READ MORE

These Aren't Your Grandmother's Soap Operas...

Once upon a time, before the days when sexist, ageist trolls ruled the Daytime Kingdom, and before the pervasive, asinine notion that younger viewers only want to watch young, bland models learn how to act, or not, on the front burners of daytime soap operas, there were interesting, romantic, compelling, stories that exemplified the very fact that true love— and sometimes true hate—comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and yes, age brackets. These clips from Another World, Santa Barbara, Days of Our Lives and General Hospital show soap opera seniors doing what they once did best— fight, love and pass on the torch to the generations to come. READ MORE

Jeanne Cooper's Marge Back to Being "Restless" Again

Now before you ask, no Aunt Maria and Uncles Hogan and Scott aren't channeling the late James E. Reilly. According to TV Guide, on March 26, The Young and the Restless will dedicate a special show around the hustling hash slinging waitress Marge (Jeanne Cooper). Marge will be exhumed for DNA testing. Kudos to the fab four over at Y&R for showing that young bucks in the industry aren't the ones that fans are clamoring to see and should be centered upon. Remember folks, do as our Uncle Jamey says: "VOTE WITH YOUR REMOTE," because this is going to be a episode you will not want to miss!