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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Feliz Navidad everyone! I come bearing the gift of spoilers for The Young and the Restless. Some may like it, some may not but hey its better than the traditional fruitcake right?

Billy/Lily/Cane: Guess Lily's really going all out to prove that she's over Cane because she and Billy hit the sheets! The week really isn't shaping up to be Cane's when he and Lily have a spat about her relationship with Billy. Also, Billy and big brother Cane have a heated confrontation.

Karen/Neil/Tyra: Tyra's deeply in love with Neil and is crushed that he and Karen are getting married. Before the wedding takes place, Olivia tells Tyra that she needs to let Neil know how she feels before its too late. Tyra decides to hold her tongue because she's thinking of the bigger picture, with Neil and Karen married she can get Ana out of foster care. Once married, Neil and Karen can get the green light to become foster parents and have Ana released into their care. For now, Tyra's feelings for Neil are kept on hold so she can focus on Ana's well being. Neil and Karen get hitched at Indigo (of all places!). I'm hoping that they have the reception at Indigo and not the wedding. If they are, I have to speak to Auntie Maria about that.

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Classic "Restless" Episodes to Air Christmas and Day After

Fans of The Young and the Restless of ole' are in for a treat this year. CBS will run a old episode of Y&R, on Christmas Day. The airing is a Christmas one dating back to 1989! For those new to watching Y&R, this is an event to tune into to get a gander at why yours truly along with her DC cohorts are fighting for the soap industry and why we're also praising the gold standard of the genre.

If that isn't enough, the day after Christmas, Y&R will also air a special Its a Wonderful Life type episode that is centered around super lawyer Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc). It seems like Aunt Maria along with her posse Hogan, Paul and Scott are trying to let the naysayers know that soaps aren't dead, but just hibernating.

The Young and the Restless: Next Week's Promo

Once again these coming eps are on FIRE!

The Young and the Restless Weekly Promo

God I've been DYING for these days to come... I need a cigarette after see this.

The Young and the Restless: Friday's Preview

The moment we've all been waiting for minus DC's fearless leader Luke.... DAMN I wish I had my TiVo so I can watch it OVER and OVER again! Oh well, there's always YouTube.

Soap On A Rope

Ghosts of Soaps Past

Here lies the final resting place of the Great American Soap Opera
A good and constant companion to millions,
The genre lost its way toward its Final Fade to Black.
Neglect and misconception caused the genre's downfall,
But their collective memory shall live in our hearts. Forever.

Daytime O. Drama
1952 (or 1937) - 2010 (or 2015) — Depending on Who's Counting

Yes, my friends, it is time to put on your best Sunday black, sit Shiva if you are among our Jewish friends, remove all your jewelry if you are Muslim, burn those collections of Soap Opera Digest in a Shraddha ceremony for our Hindu cousins, and the rest of us heathens and infidels can cuss out Brian Frons, Barbara Bloom, Ellen Wheeler and Ken Corday in polysyllabic orgasmic fury. A flame in the wind has flickered its last, the bright promise of our date with life is forever gone. Today is no longer ours. Stick a fork in daytime soaps. They are done. I just have one tiny question:

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