Crystal Chappell Reacts to Guiding Light Pre-Nod and Streamys!

Multimedia soap star Crystal Chappell is having a pretty good go of it. On the heels of returning to Days of Our Lives to critical acclaim and ratings success as Dr. Carly Manning, the actress/producer now finds herself being recognized for not one, but two turns as gritty, emotionally-raw sapphic heroines, Guiding Light's Olivia Spencer and Venice's Gina Brogno. I caught up with Chappell to find out what she made of being pre-nominated for Oustanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for GL and to get her reaction on her Streamy nomination for Best Lead Actress in a Web Drama.

"I am honored to represent Guiding Light." says Chappell. "This is my first Streamy nomination, and so I am very excited and flattered."

The Streamy Awards will be held April 11, 2010 in Hollywood.
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DC Exclusive: DAYS' Eric Martsolf on Carrying Drake Hogestyn's Torch and Comedy Being "Life on Steroids"

"Comedy is basically life on steroids" thus says Days of Our Lives hunk Eric Martsolf. The actor, who is as good-natured as he is good looking, will get a chance to prove his theory this weekend, when he hosts ACME Saturday Night, L.A's hottest sketch comedy show, at the ACME Comedy Theatre in Hollywood.

I caught up with Martsolf to discuss his hosting gig. We also chatted about what it was like having to play "the wall" on Passions, while so many of his costars got to tickle viewers funny bones on the supernatural sudser. Then we talked about how skeptical critics (like me) were when news first broke that he and fellow Passions alum Galen Gering were joining DAYS. Does he feel vindicated now that the sudser is experiencing a creative and ratings renaissance?

We also discuss the legacy of his former boss, the late James E. Reilly; how he is "carrying the torch" for Drake Hogestyn; Brady's "addiction" to Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) and how Martsolf's amazing life adventures, including marriage to wife Lisa, with whom he shares twin sons, Mason and Chase, has brought so much comedy to his soap jumping life.

Daytime Confidential: You're hosting ACME Saturday Night this week. How did the gig come about?

Eric Martsolf: Well, actually it was a through a friend of a friend through a friend. [Laughs]. No, coincidentally, Arianne Zucker had done it. I knew another one of the girls involved, I had done this crazy, little Christmas show called "Jingle Bell Rock", and she told them, "Hey, I know this guy who would be willing to make a fool out of himself for an hour or so on stage." So that's how it came about. READ MORE

DC Exclusive: Yani Gellman Talks Going Gay on Y&R and Going Greek Tonight on ABC Family

In 2009 Yanni Gellman's boyishly-handsome face was splashed all over the pages of the gay press and online blogs (like this one) once it was spoiled Rafe Torres, the earnest, young attorney he portrays on daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless, was set  to be involved in a gay storyline on the sudser. Now it's primetime Gellman hopes to make his mark on. 

On tonight's episode of ABC Family's hit dramedy Greek (10/9c), Gellman reprises the role of Pete, a nice, rich kid frat boy, who sparked an attraction with Ashleigh (Amber Stevens) in last week's installment of the serial. I recently caught up with Gellman, who shares what it's like woring with Stevens, as well as fellow daytime alum Spencer Grammer (ex-Lucy, As The World Turns), who plays Casey on the college soap. We also talk about his controversial Y&R storyline, and whether or not Rafe still has feelings for the dastardly Adam Newman (Michael Muhney).
Daytime Confidential: Tell me about your role on tonight's episode of Greek?

Yani Gellman: I play the character of Pete, who is from a rather well-to-do family, but he's pretty humble and doesn't like to show that off. He's a member of the Omega Chi fraternity, and in last week's episode he happened to meet the one and only Ashleigh, played Amber Stevens, at an interfraternity baseball game where sparks flew. Tonight's episode picks up from there. READ MORE

DC Exclusive: OLTL's Farah Fath Previews Custody Battle For Gigi and "Obsessed" Schuyler

The Morasco Fiasco came to an icy end this past week on One Life to Live as Stacy (Crystal Hunt), the little sister from hell, delivered Fish's (Scott Evans) daughter Sierra Rose before ultimately drowning in a frozen lake. Now the question on everyone's mind is, with Stacy now turned into a stripper-cicle, can OLTL's once-star crossed couple, Rex and Gigi (played by real life lovebirds John Paul Lavoisier and Farah Fath) find their way back to one another?

I recently caught up with Fath, at the faboosh party OLTL threw to celebrate moving into their new digs and got the skinny on a possible Rex and Gigi reunion and so much more! I found out what's next for everyone in Llanview whose lives were ripped apart by Stacy's lies. I find out who wants to raise Baby Sierra Rose now that the "truth" is out about the baby's paternity. Does Schuyler (Scott Clifton) even stand a chance with Gigi, since his part in Stacy's monstrous lies have been revealed? Not to hear Fath tell it. In fact, all Sky has to look forward to from the once and future scrappy waitress is one helluva custody battle, which she previews for Daytime Confidential in this revealing interview.

Daytime Confidential: Now that Stacy's lies have been revealed, will viewers see Gigi reuniting with Rex?

Farah Fath: If they do it won't be for a while. She's very much heartbroken by Schuyler and his lies. Rex is definitely there for her through this situation and you can tell they might want to try to work things out.They have a very open, communicative conversation about their future, which is really healthy. They are very honest with each other about the possibility that they may or may not get back together, because they have so much to work on and they both have to start over and work on their trust issues. So far in the scripts they haven't even kissed. It's not like they are jumping back in the saddle together; they're not. They are rebuilding their friendship, which I think is great. READ MORE

RUMOR REPORT: Daphnee Duplaix OUT at One Life to Live?

A source close to Daphnee Duplaix is saying the beautiful actress has been let go from One Life to Live, where she has been impressively portraying the role of Nora's (Hillary B. Smith) daughter Rachel since April 2009. Don't jump to the conclusion that this necessarily means curtains for Rachel's love interest Greg (Terrell Tilford), however. The word is, Greg may stick around Llanview to serve as the town's resident doctor-of-all-specialties. I don't know about y'all, but I am bummed to think about Duplaix leaving Llanview. I hope it wasn't that Chicken McNuggets commercial!

DC Exclusive: Melissa "Bitchy Bangs" Fumero Dishes OLTL Return, Being Haute & Bothered, and Serving Beer in Hell

Ah those Cramer women from One Life to Live, here it is almost a month after I met with those wacky dames in New York and I still still find myself discovering gems from my various chats with Robin Strasser and Co.

One of my favorite conversations was with our girl, Melissa "Bitchy Bangs" Fumero, where I get the scoop on what she's been doing since leaving Llanview, like her Teen.com web soap Haute and Bothered, and her recent appearance in the Frat Lit movie I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.  I also find out if Fumero, who returns to OLTL as Adriana this February Sweeps, will ever make a more permanent return engagement.

Daytime Confidential: So what brings Adriana back to Llanview this time?

Melissa Fumero: It's a serious family emergency. Kelly and Adriana have been hanging out in Paris, and I get a call. We come back to Llanview together actually.

Daytime Confidential: You know fans are still clamoring for you to return full time. Do you ever see yourself bringing Bitchy Bangs back to Llanview permanently?

MF: [pauses] It's not in the cards right now, but I believe in never saying never. It's been left open; it's always been left open for me thankfully. READ MORE