RUMOR REPORT: Is Chrishell Stause Leaving All My Children?

Numerous sources are saying the strikingly-beautiful Chrishell Stause and her popular character Amanda Dillon could be on their way out of Pine Valley.

"It's no secret Chrishell is leaving that the end of her current contract," says one source.

Reportedly the actress extended her pact with the sudser until July and has told people on the set she doesn't plan on re-upping with the show.

"They offered her a four-year contract," says another mole.

RUMOR REPORT: Is P&G Shopping Guiding Light and As The World Turns as a Package Deal?

Don't stand up and cheer about As The World Turns reportedly being offered a one-year pick up from CBS. We're hearing from several sources The Tiffany Network has already informed producers of the soap opera this pick up would be the last for the sudser, which today celebrates its 53rd anniversary on the air.
"The people at World Turns were told they won't be picked up again after the one-year renewal," says one source.

Another insider, the same one who informed Daytime Confidential's Mel months back that Guiding Light would be cancelled if it didn't achieve and sustain a 1.8 household rating by April—as we all know the sudser was cancelled on April 1—is saying P&G has been in fact pitching their serials as a package deal to other networks and cablers.

"P&G was recently in talks with SOAPnet about picking up both soap operas, but the deal fell through about a month ago," reveals the mole.
According to an ABC mole, P&G is gearing up to pitch Brian Frons once again.


Y&R RUMOR REPORT: Will Jess Walton Have a Change of Heart?

RUMOR has it Jess Walton is thisclose to accepting the pay cut The Young and the Restless wants her to take to remain in the role of Jill Foster Abbott. Apparently the actress started having second thoughts about playing hardball when she realized just how serious the CBS sudser was about replacing her. Again, this is UNCONFIRMED, but we are hearing things are looking up. Let's hope so. We adore Walton's smoky, sultry voice, her Marlene Dietrich-esque sexual swagger and most of all her stellar acting chops, and hope to see her having catfights with Jeanne Cooper (Kay) for years to come, but we also understand Y&R's dilemma. the soap must go on! Developing...

RUMOR REPORT: Is Frons Gearing Up to Make Offers to Several of Guiding Light's Top Stars?

This just in: Sources have come forward saying ABC Daytime President Brian Frons is gearing up to make offers to several of Guiding Light's top stars. While none of this has been confirmed officially by the network, here's who we hear has Frons salivating:

Daniel Cosgrove as a possible recast for Joey Buchanan on One Life to Live.

Gina Tognoni to reprise the role of Kelly Cramer on OLTL.

Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia for parts on All My Children.

Jeff Branson for several roles on General Hospital, complete with an attractive moving bonus should the actor decide to sign with the show.

Reportedly ABC also wants Marcy Rylan for a role on ANY of the ABC soaps! READ MORE

DC EXCLUSIVE: Robert Newman, Tragic Hero

The cast of Guiding Light recently spent some fun in the sun at Universal Orlando, filming on location episodes to air later this spring. Robert Newman took time out of his busy schedule to visit with me about Guiding Light, the investment of the network in the show, the impact of the new production model and what the future might hold for one of daytime’s legendary couples, Josh and Reva (Kim Zimmer).

Daytime Confidential: Now I understand you aren't filming here?

Robert Newman: No. I'm just here for the PR part of it.  

DC: How have you adjusted to the new production style?

RN: Well, it took me a while. I'm not gonna lie about that. I've been in this game for a long time and I've been through a zillion changes. This one by far has been the most extreme. I think it was hard. I've heard Alan say before that one of the most difficult things was that we had to go through these changes in front of the audience. We couldn't just shut down for 6 months and figure out how to do this. It was a lot of growing pains, adjustment, and difficulty.

For a while I felt really kind of out of sorts with it. I couldn't figure it out. One of the biggest changes for us as actors was zero rehearsal. I mean we had no rehearsal whatsoever. There's something that's kind of exciting about that and then there's something kind of really scary as hell about that. You just don't know. I mean you start a scene and you really don't know where it's going to go. READ MORE

DC EXCLUSIVE:Lawrence Saint-Victor Talks Ugly Betty and Guiding Light's Remy and Christina!

Anyone who thinks Guiding Light hunk Lawrence Saint-Victor is just another pretty face should think again. As Remy Boudreau, the loveable lug, who has been there for practically every distressed Springfield damsel from the late Tammy (Stephanie Gatschet) to Ava (Michelle Ray Smith), Remy has always been the dashing knight, who never quite got to ride of into the sunset with the girl of his dreams. That could all be about to change, now that things are heating up between Remy and Christina (Karla Mosley), the quirky, fellow med student who married him for student loans, if not convenience. Could it be love for this cute pairing?

Saint-Victor recently shared his thoughts about that very subject with Daytime Confidential. He also gave us a sneak peek of tonight's Ugly Betty (8 pm ET/7 pm C), which features him in a steamy role opposite Mode's vicious fashionista Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams). Will Willie be drooling over Saint-Victor's pecs like DC's Jillian, Nicki and Mel?

Daytime Confidential: Congrats on booking Ugly Betty, it's one of my favorite shows. Tell me about your role.