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Parry Shen's 'Unidentified' Debuts on DVD, Streaming Platforms

When Parry Shen (Brad) isn’t helping Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) abuse her hospital privileges, or trying to seduce Felix (Marc Samuel), the General Hospital breakout is getting into film. Shen is currently starring in the flick Unidentified, where four friends get more than they bargain for during a wild weekend in Las Vegas.

The buddies find themselves stranded in the Nevada desert after going on the run from loan sharks. The friends soon realize loan sharks are the least of their worries, as something else is hunting them in the desert. Check out the trailer below! READ MORE


Poll: Who is Crazier, GH's Heather Webber or AMC's Janet From Another Planet?

TV Guide Magazine caught up with General Hospital's Robin Mattson and Kin Shriner and chatted with them about Heather (Mattson), Scotty (Shriner) and Franco's (Roger Howarth) screwed up family dynamic. During the interview, Mattson was asked who was crazier, General Hospital's Heather Webber, or her former All My Children character, Janet From Another Planet.

TV Guide Magazine: So, Robin, who's crazier? Heather Webber or your character from All My Children, Janet from Another Planet?

Shriner: [Whispering into his menu] Or Robin?

Mattson: Kin!

Shriner: What?

Mattson: I may be crazy but I'm not deaf!

Shriner: Jeez....sorry. [He shrinks down into his seat and peruses the menu]

Mattson: And don't forget Gina from Santa Barbara. She was pretty out-there, too. Gee, I don't know who's crazier. That's a tough one. It's a close call.

Who do you think is the crazier of the two?

INTERVIEW: GH's Dominic Zamprogna and Maura West Explain Why Dante and Ava Should Be Friends!

Dominic Zamprogna and Maura West's General Hospital characters, Dante Falconeri and Ava Jerome, haven't spent a lot of time together on camera. Maybe they should. At the ABC TCA party, the duo proved themselves to be a hilarious combination. They shared their thoughts on why Ava is the toughest criminal in Port Charles, whether Dante and Lulu’s marriage will survive and why everyone should respect Maurice Benard.

Daytime Confidential: Can you talk about the mystery surrounding the death of Silas’s wife?

Dominic Zamprogna: I think we should be friends, Dante and Ava.

Maura West: Yep, because I think Dante, he’s a good cop, but he’s kind of a bad boy under the badge. READ MORE

Marc Samuel on General Hospital's Gay Love Triangle: "I Think Felix is The Better Man"

Which Port Charles resident is the best medicine for Brad (Parry Shen) on General Hospital? Sorry Lucas (Ryan Carnes), according to Marc Samuel (Felix), Nurse DuBois is. Samuel dished with The Backlot why Felix should check out Brad's bedside manner.


Why do you think Felix is the better man in this triangle?

I think Felix is the better man because he has been going through a lot of growth through this process. He and Brad have been getting to know each other. They’ve been there listening to each other. They’ve been telling the other about…how do I articulate this so that it makes sense…they’ve been each confronting the other about their shortfalls in the hopes of improvement…and they’ve known each other longer even though it started out kind of rocky between Brad and Felix. They’ve been kind of in each other’s face for a bit. All of a sudden Lucas comes in and he’s trying to move in. I think Felix needs love, man. Felix has been denied for so long.


Perkie's Observations: Will Michael and Kiki SPLIT Over Franco and Carly on General Hospital?


Morgan gives his father an update on Carly, then asks how things went with Ava. Sonny says he asked Ava for something to prove her sincerity in switching teams. Morgan is certain Ava will be true to her word. Sonny wonders what kind of life the two of them will have. READ MORE