Love It or Hate It?

Love It or Hate It? Y&R's Dreamy Episode

The Young and the Restless blurred Sharon (Sharon Case) and Ashley's (Eileen Davidson) realities with some dreams on today's episode. Personally, I liked it. It pieced together things that they have been suppressing and tied their storylines together. I've been waiting for Ashley to remember that Adam (Michael Muhney) was at the top of the stairs dressed like Sabrina before she took her fall. How funny was Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) needling Sharon? Highlights and lowlights, the question is,

Did you love or hate today's Y&R?

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Hot or Not? Day's Devil in a Red Dress

Kate (Lauren Koslow) chose to stay out of prison by marrying the man who allegedly shot her son Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson). As her wedding day approaches, a couple of not-so-well wishers lined up to take their shots at the Days of our Lives villainess. Kate shared a great scene with Victor (John Aniston), who prompty derailed her money train before kicking her out of the mansion. Philip turned up and pleaded with his mother to turn herself in to save their tattered relationship. The big question of course, is not whether or not she will actually marry Stefano (Joseph Mascolo), but whether or not you like what she's wearing.

What do you think of Kate's wedding gear?

Love It or Hate It: Jennifer Gareis Swaps Honey Bear For Pearl Necklace

The Bold and the Beautiful's Jennifer Gareis protects herself from the rain in front of the Chapel Bridge, during a visit to Lucerne, Switzerland, earlier this week. She was there to present at the annual Rose d'Or Festival for Entertainment and Television.

I'm no Donna fan - her honey-slathering antics on B&B grate on me - but, I think she looks cute and she seems like fun in this shot.  

Love it or Hate it: Amanda Seyfried at Oscars

Love it or Hate it: Amanda Seyfried at Oscars

Love it or Hate it: Lisa Rinna At Oscars

Love it or Hate it: Lisa Rinna at Oscars

Love it or Hate it: Pretty in Pink

Love it or Hate it: Eva Longoria Pretty in Pink?