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CBS.Com Adds Guiding Light Finale Page

The future of Guiding Light is looking dimmer by the day. CBS.com has added a Finale Page to its Guiding Light website. The page features classic photos and videos from the 72-year-old sudsers rich history. There is also a section for interviews from the cast about their experience on Guiding Light. Check it out

B&B's Christmas Song

Back in 1994, the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful released a Christmas album in Europe. Here's the video for the single, Love Is The Gift, featuring Darlene Conley (Sally), Bobbie Eakes (Macy), John McCook (Eric), Schae Harrison (Darla) and Jeff Trachta (Thorne).

I want a follow-up single featuring Bridget singing I Saw Mommy (And Auntie) Kissing Santa Claus.

Try Ridge

Check out this, ahem, “classic” trailer for The Bold and the Beautiful from the early nineties. It features the following jingle/rap/hot mess:

“His eyes seduce you, you yearn for his kiss,
He’s hurt you before, you’ve just got to resist.
Imagine the desire, imagine it’s you,
If temptation embraced you, what would YOU do?”

If Ridge embraced me, I know what I’d do...

Brooke and Ridge's "Sexy" Sushi Dinner on The Soup

The Soup
weighed in on The Bold and the Beautifiul's latest shenanigans. This time it was Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) and Ridge's (Ronn Moss) "sexy" sushi dinner.

A Grave Mistake

Which rival soap star does Ridge (Ronn Moss) dig up instead of Taylor (Hunter Tylo)? Check out this hilarious B&B skit to find out. 

Brooke does a "sexy dance" for Taylor!

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) strips to her undercrackers and dances for Taylor (Hunter Tylo)! Thanks to Nickygirl on the official B&B forum for putting this together.