Which Daytime Fashionista Could Give Carrie Bradshaw a Run For Her Vera Wang?

Okay so we've talked about friendship, now let's move on to a more important aspect of Sex and the City-fashion! If it's one thing Carrie and Co. are known for as much as their pursuits of sex and romance in Gotham, it's their outrageous fashion sense.

We daytime soap fans know, however that primetime and movies don't necessarily corner the market when it comes to fabulous, or fabulously outrageous fashion sense. From the defunct Another World's Felicia Gallant to General Hospital's Kate Howard, daytime has provided pop culture with some of the most memorable fashionistas around. So you tell us, who is your favorite daytime fashion maven or monstrosity?

New Imaginary Bitches With Y&R's Greg Rikaart!

I just got back from seeing my favorite TV funny ladies brought to the big screen in Sex and the City. What better way to finish off such a deliciously funny evening than by adding a scoop of Andrew Miller and Eden Riegel's slap crazy Imaginary Bitches to my plate? Tonight Y&R's Greg Rikaart guest stars as a kindred spirit to the quirky Eden. Things are going good until, well...just wait and see!

Who Are Daytime's Best Girlfriends?

The big screen celebration of female bonding and shoes known as Sex and the City: The Movie premieres today and in honor of the occasion I couldn't help but think of some of daytime's best examples of female bonding. 

Of course there are the obvious examples of daytime friend circles with Sex DNA like The Fusion Girls of All My Children, but there are also examples of strong female bonds on soaps that trace back long before Carrie and her homegirls every swigged their first Cosmo, or broke the heel on their first Manolo. So in honor of Sex and the City's four BFF's.

Who do you think have exhibited daytime's best examples of female friendships?


DC #245: Girl's Night Out

Daytime Confidential is back with a Girl's Night Out episode hosted by Tina, Danielle, Regan and Nicki.

The ladies discuss all their favorite and not so favorite couples. Which General Hospital hunk has them going hubba, hubba? And what would a Girl's Night Out episode be without the ladies discussing the love scenes made them weak in the knees and made them feel a little bit guilty watching?

Be sure to check out their romp of a podcast.

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Top 10 Most Improved of 2008

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco has published his Most Improved Actors of 2008, naming the actors who he believes have improved dramatically in the first half of 2008.

In addition to the Most Improved Actors of 2008 Branco also  named his picks in his "Booster Club" categories including: Most Improved Soap, Most Improved Writers, Most Improved Love Story, Most Improved Network, Most Improved Magazine, Most Improved Direction, Most Improved Casting, Most Improved Producer, Most Improved Hair, Set Design, Lighting and Costume and Most Improved Opening.

So here is my question. If you were going to name your "Top 10 Most Improved Actors" so far in 2008 who would you name? I know several of Branco's picks would make my list.

AFTRA and Studios Reach Tenative Deal

So does this mean we won't see a scab Erica Kane? Those fearing the growing unrest between The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) would have resulted in another strike can almost rest easy.

According toThe New York Times, AFTRA-which represents daytime actors among, talk show hosts and a handful of actors on primetime series-has reached a tenative three-year deal with Hollywood, which will more than likely prevent an AFTRA Actors Strike.

This is of course major news for daytime soap operas, because unlike the Writers Strike where Fi-Core and Scab writers were used, an Actors Strike would call for the soaps to stop production, which industry analysts have said would effectively kill the genre.