Rumors & Spoilers

SPOILERS: Will Nikki's Secret Child Destroy Her Family on The Young and the Restless?

Nikki/Dylan/Avery/Nick/Victor/Victoria: The socialite finally decides to gather Victor, Victoria and Nick for dinner at the GCAC to reveal everything about Dylan. As Nikki tries to tell her family the truth, the man of the hour walks in with Avery!

Nikki tries to convince her family to go to the ranch to discuss what she has to say in private, but you know Victor and Nick... They ain't leaving just because Dylan rolled in!

When Nick and Dylan start to rumble, will Mama Newman finally blurt out that she birthed the war vet? READ MORE

SPOILERS: Eric Receives His Punishment on Days of Our Lives!

Eric/Jennifer: Eric (Greg Vaughan) is distraught over being suspended and required to take off his priest collar. Later in the week, a distressed Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) confesses something to the disgraced priest. READ MORE

SPOILERS: Billy and Adam Continue to Star in 'You've Got Grief Mail' on The Young and the Restless

Adam/Billy/Victoria/Kelly: Billy has no idea he's talking to the man who killed his daughter in the chatroom. When Adam tries to compare guilt to grief, look for Billy to become livid! As Billy continues to spiral, will Victoria be able to help him, or will Kelly (Cynthia Watros) prove the only one who can reach him? Look for Adam and Billy to have an in-person showdown as well. READ MORE

SPOILERS: Is Billy Onto Adam on The Young and the Restless?

Adam/Billy: The in-laws have a huge blowup. Is Billy close to learning the truth behind Adam's involvement in Delia's death?

Nikki: The socialite fills her old friend Paul in on her idea to let her family and Dylan know about her long, lost son.  Paul gives his two cents on Nikki’s plans, but she’s undeterred. Watch for Nikki to make the big reveal with unexpected results. READ MORE

SPOILERS: Franco's Shocking Art Gallery Opening and November Sweeps on General Hospital!

Franco/Carly: Carly digs into Franco’s business and learns something shocking. Franco has no choice but to confess his secret to Carly.
Later in the week, Franco’s art gallery opening brings all the drama. Someone has a huge outburst and things get out of control. How crazy do things get at the art gallery opening?

Sonny: It’s not a good week for Sonny Corinthos. He has trouble getting the upper hand on his enemy and suffers a big betrayal from his own son. Will Sonny take down Morgan along with the Jeromes? READ MORE

SPOILERS: Brady and Kristen's November Sweeps Wedding EXPLODES on Days of Our Lives!

Brady and Kristen’s Wedding: The nuptials are interrupted by the shocking reveal of Kristen having sex with Father Eric. The fallout will change the lives of many Salem residents forever. How will the townsfolk react when they learn Marlena set up the video?

Speaking of Doc, will she rip Victor to shreds for not informing her of Eric playing a co-starring role in Kristen's sex tape debauchery? Look for Sami to also take EJ to task for cloaking his sister's sins. READ MORE