Rumors & Spoilers

SPOILERS: Brady and Kristen's November Sweeps Wedding EXPLODES on Days of Our Lives!

Brady and Kristen’s Wedding: The nuptials are interrupted by the shocking reveal of Kristen having sex with Father Eric. The fallout will change the lives of many Salem residents forever. How will the townsfolk react when they learn Marlena set up the video?

Speaking of Doc, will she rip Victor to shreds for not informing her of Eric playing a co-starring role in Kristen's sex tape debauchery? Look for Sami to also take EJ to task for cloaking his sister's sins. READ MORE

SPOILERS: Will The Newmans Accept Nikki's Long-Lost Son on The Young and the Restless?

Nikki: The socialite brings her family and friends together in order to celebrate Veteran’s Day’s and participates in a fundraiser at Nick’s club. Look for Victor not to be amused by a particular war vet in attendance.

Nikki decides it's time she learned more about her first born. Later, she hosts a dinner party where Dylan is also in attendance. Will she reveal their secret connection?

Victor/Abby: The Black Knight proposes a great opportunity for his youngest child.

Adam: Delia’s death starts to weigh even more heavily on him. READ MORE

SPOILERS: Marlena is ThisClose to Exposing Her Greatest Enemy on DAYS!

Marlena/Kristen/Daniel: Kristen (Eileen Davidson) discovers exactly why Eric (Greg Vaughan) is angry with Nicole (Arianne Zucker). She knows she has no choice but to get the evidence against her. She attempts to retrieve it, but runs into a problem.
Marlena (Deidre Hall) is in Daniel’s (Shawn Christian) office and almost finds the flash drive, but Kristen stops her. The two ladies get into a heated argument.

SPOILERS: A Catfight Breaks Out on General Hospital!


Carly/Ava: Carly (Laura Wright) and Ava (Maura West) get into a nasty argument that turns into a catfight!
Nik/Robin/Patrick: Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) stresses how important it is for Robin (Kimberly McCullough) not to be seen in Port Charles. She puts on a costume, and heads to the hospital Halloween party. READ MORE

SPOILERS: Jack and Jill Join Forces Against Victor on The Young and the Restless

Jack/Jill: The two partner up to take Victor down.

Adam/Chelsea: Delia’s demise weighs heavily on the exes. While Chelsea is joyful over Connor’s cornea transplant, she is devastated Delia’s death saved her son's sight. She's even more distraught over not being able to attend Delia's funeral, since Connor is still in recovery. Will his father make an appearance at the memorial? Also, is Chelsea falling for a troubled Adam again? Anita will want to know the answer to that question.  READ MORE

SPOILERS: The Battle For Baby Connie Gets Ugly on General Hosptial!


Maxie/Spinelli/Lulu/Dante: The custody battle for Baby Connie is about to get down right nasty! Both Lante and Spixie make desperate decisions to claim the baby. READ MORE