Rumors & Spoilers

5 Once Upon a Time Midseason Premiere SPOILERS!

ABC's Once Upon a Time returns this Sunday after a lengthy hiatus.  Luckily for you, we’ve got some intriguing spoilers to tide you over until then.  Don’t read any further, if you don’t want any hints about what’s ahead! READ MORE

SPOILERS: Victor Makes Threats on The Young and the Restless!

Victor/Nikki/Ian: The creepy Svengali is charged with blackmailing Genoa City’s well-known socialite. What will Victor have to say when he learns Ian was trying to shake down his lady?

Leslie: She stuns several Genoa Citizens by agreeing to be Ian's attorney.

Nick/Sharon: Shick fans, rejoice! The two hit the sheets. Just as Sharon thinks her life with Nick is starting to slowly come together, Victor starts to close in on her dirty little secret. It seems her former husband/father-in-law discovers Phyllis is the key to Sharon's downfall. READ MORE


SPOILERS: Chelsea and Chloe Have a BRUTAL Parisian Showdown on The Young and the Restless!

Victor/Chelsea/Chloe/Kevin: The Black Knight helps Chelsea find Chloe and the baby in Paris. Look for an emotional encounter between the estranged BFFs over Connor. Can Kevin get through to Chloe?  READ MORE