Soap Opera Weekly

On the Stands: Do The Writers Even Know Who the Text Message Killer Is?

Oh boy I'm not sure where to start with the cover of Soap Opera Weekly this week. Obviously Scott Bryce fans are upset about his firing. Melissa Gallo leaving the role of Adrianna on One Life to Live is old news. So that pretty much leaves us with the Young and Restless Victor and Nikki's divorce. I don't read the Young and Restless spoilers so if there is a twist that Victor doesn't see coming then I am all for it. Other than that, this week's cover is a bit blah for me this week.

Soap Opera Digest on the other hand does have my immediate attention. With each passing week my belief that General Hospital's Coop was supposed to be the Text Message Killer before the Writers Strike but that a major storyline change was made by scab writers that makes him the hunted instead of the hunter. To be honest I'm not sure the writers know who the Text Message Killer is. Who do you think the Text Message Killer is?

Then we have the CBS and ABC Soaps In Depth Covers. Obviously Tom Pelphrey fans are ecstatic at his return to Guiding Light and I must admit It will be great to have him back.

What really bothers me is that Jesse Soffer and Jennifer Landon are leaving As the World Turns. Sure they're character's couple is the most boring thing on the show under 30 but why couldn't the writers break the couple up and then give them something juicy to sink their teeth into?

And what about the ABC cover. As someone who has only been watching All My Children for ten years I didn't have the "pleasure" of watching them the first time around and I am more than a little intrigued to see what their return does for the show. Granted, a successful return is dependant in no small part on the ability of the people who are writing for them (and lets face it we have a huge question mark when it comes to that) but I'm definitely looking forward to what is in store for this couple.

On the Stands: "Explosive Interviews"

It's that time of week again. Time to check out what is on the cover of all your favorite mags. This week on Soap Opera Weekly I thought it seemed a bit ABC heavy but then I realized the "explosive interview" has to be about As the World Turns, not All My Children. Needless to say Cady McClain deserves to be able to "spill the beans" if that what she does. Needless to say I'll be checking out the interview. Then we have the big fire on General Hospital which I think could be very interesting, especially to see how it plays into the custody battle over Lucky and Liz's kids. Oooh, Gloria haters on the Young and Restless should be happy about headline at the top of the page.

Ok, I know a LOT of TV Fan Online Forum members and Daytime Confidential readers are over the top excited about having John Black on Days of Our Lives but personally I can't help but feel that bringing Drake back so quickly is a bit of a cop out. Unlike other soaps which have one or two characters that come back to life periodically, say General Hospital's Helena, Young and Restless' Shelia, or As the World Turns' James Stenbeck  Days of Our Lives is really getting a bad reputation for not really killing off characters.

After everything that has happened with Jack's many deaths, Stephano's multiple returns from the dead, the whole Salem Slasher and Island debacle, and now Johns not really death, it's not surprising that fans just role their eyes any time someone is killed off on Days of Our Lives. It's only my opinion but couldn't they have at least kept John dead for six months to a year instead of six weeks? Wouldn't that made his return that much bigger? Say for May Sweeps?

I know this sounds a bit unsympathetic but I don't really care who Sharon chooses. I like her with Jack. I like her with Nick. And I like her with Brad. I suppose if I was really pressed I would choose her for Jack because Jack needs some love in his life but I don't really expect her to stay with him long term.

On the Stands: Arrested! But for how long?

I can honestly say the only thing of interest to me on this cover is Marcie and Todd. You all know my thoughts on snoretacular Craig/Meg/Paul and the brainless Brady and wife so I'll leave it at that. The stuff this week with Marice in Paris Texas looks AWESOME.

Uh, does anyone really, I mean really believe that Victor's actually going to stay in jail for long? When the headline says convicted and on death row then I'll actually be interested. In the mean time we all know Victor will weasel his way out of this.

On the Stands: Viki Finds Love

It's that time again. On the cover of Soap Opera Weekly I'm especially interested in One Life to Live's Viki and Charlie's romance. It really is being written very well and I'm loving their connection. Speaking of "connections", lets hope and pray that 2008 brings back the connection between Reva and Josh on Guiding Light. Please oh please put Josh and Reva  back together!

Obviously the most important thing on the cover of Soap Opera Digest is teasing of John's return to Days of Our Lives. Personally, I think Drake has become the next Vanessa Marcil and this is just a ploy to sell issues. However, what has me curious is Brooke's "dark secret" on Bold & Beautiful. Now what could she be hiding now? Does her latest line of panties have to much lace? Has she secretly married Thorne, thus providing him an actual storyline?  Does she have a love child with someone other than a Forrester or Maroni that we don't know of? I'm intrigued. Though you know what they say, "curiosity killed the cat".

On the Stands

I knew there was something I forgot yesterday! Well here we go. Obviously the biggest thing that's going to catch my attention is Rebecca Budig's return. We've been talking about it for what seems like forever now and yet I can't get enough! Whoohooo! As for the rest of the cover I'm glad that Ashley is going back to the Young and Restless, even if it is for a short stint. But what bothers me the most is the totally horrific idea of having Natalie and John sleep together. Obviously its already happened but still, I ask you, why?

Ok, where do I start with Soap Opera Digest this week. Obviously Sarah Brown's return is huge but we've been talking about that for a while now. Of more interest to me is their saying that Bryan Datillo is out when we've reported his managers statement? This is one of those times when one asks do you believe the actor's camp or do you believe what you ar reading in the mags? As for the rest of the cover Kyle Lowder back to Days of Our Lives? That would be awesome. However, can someone please answer me this. Why is it that none of the mags can find current pictures of the actors who played Jesse and Angie on All My Children? Just a question.

Well here we go. We're starting to see the previews for the new year. Most importantly of anything on this cover Steve Burton FINALLY got a haircut! Now that we've got that out of the way let me just say once again how pissed I am they killed off Georgie Jones Quartermaine. Though the rumors swirling around the Internet that the actress may be going to Days of Our Lives as Mimi are very interesting. What is saddest about this cover is that I don't even care if Zendall were to end. They were gold for so long but All My Children has butchered this pairing and having Kendall sleep with Aiden and Greenlee and Zach kiss was the last straw for me. I'm so over this couple its not even funny.

On the Stands

It's Wednesday which means we're reviewing the covers all the mags you can pick up on the stands. Everyone knows that All My Children's Adam is my all time character but this week I'm more interested in what is happening to As the World Turns' Doctor Hughes. Especially now that rumors are circulating that he's going to be in a permanent coma. WTH? Chris vs. his dad is one of the best storylines the show has going for it. Don't botch it by leaving Doctor Hughes in a coma! Oh and as for Belle. Its about time idiot Shawn finds out.

Ooooh, Lisa is going to be jumping for joy over the cover of Soap Opera Digest. She and many other Gloria haters have been dreaming of this day for a very long time. Can they hold up under the pressure of such joy? I'm not sure.

Hmmm...I'm not sure anything catches my eye on this week's CBS Soaps In Depth. We reporter most of this a while back. However, I know Phillip Spaulding fans will probably at least check out what the mag has to say  about Grant Alexander.