General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.24.08

Trouble in paradise...already? Yesterday I told you Nikolas and Nadine will be taking their relationship to the next level. Today the word on the street is that Nikadine MAY have a little trouble coming their way. Nikolas has insert foot syndrome and tells Nadine she reminds him of Emily. While he considers it a compliment, we ladies know better. Nadine will see herself as nothing but a place holder for the real thing. There should be a little distance put between Nikadine and don't forget, Claudia is right around the corner.

Claudia has sexual tension with Nikolas but does she have more heat with Ric?
The mafia princess is drawn to power and Ric is gaining more and more as the days go by. Ric MAY find himself being asked to do more for the Zacchara organization. How long until Ric is back to his immoral ways? So who will Claudia be paired with? The RUMORED romp with Nikolas is still out there. Look for a triangle between Nadine-Nikolas-Claudia with Ric right on the edge. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.18.08

Scrubs...they're having a baby and they're getting engaged. Look for Robin and Patrick to make that additional step towards commitment in early October. What about the baby? She's coming on October 29th and Uncle Matt will be there to help with the delivery. What about the aftermath? Remember I mentioned that Robin's HIV will be addressed more with the delivery and then after the birth. Will Robin and Patrick's baby be HIV+? That's a RUMOR out there. I'm no doctor but from what I understand, all babies born to an HIV+ woman intially test HIV+. Will TPTB keep her HIV+?

Would gunfire at your wedding bring you back to your mobtacular ways?
That will be the big question after gunmen hit up Sonny and Kate's wedding. Will this tie into Liason's storyline? If Sonny steps back into power, can Jason step down and claim his family?

How badly is Kate hurt?
Some said it was bad, while other RUMORS suggested that Sonny takes his bride home with him that same night. Will the Jason and Sonny friendship get a little repair while Sonny is dealing with this crisis? RUMORS say it MAY be coming. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.12.08

It's Confirmed! Dr. Matt Hunter is Dr. Noah Drake's son. Noah returns just in time for plenty of drama for both his boys. It looks like its Robin asking Anna to find out information about Matt Hunter. Is this how his paternity is uncovered?

The Clinic goes BOOM today! Matt and Nadine are trapped inside and it's Nikolas to the rescue.

Lulu tells her brothers that Laura is awake. But is she really? Perkie's questioned it and Guza seems to be playing with the fans. Is Laura really awake or just a figment of Lulu's imagination? I hear she's really been awake this whole time but when the boys go to see her, Laura is back in her catatonic state. Will Nikolas and lucky believe that Laura was really awake and coherent? Will Tracy believe Lu? READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.11.08

Yesterday I dropped a RUMOR that Jax was gonna be a daddy. Will Carly be the mommy? RUMORS are saying that a CarJax reunion will happen, but one of them will be expecting a child first. Will Carly succeed in withdrawing her hubby's deposit? WIll Jax knock someone else up? 

Scrubs Baby... as I've said, she's arriving on October 29th. What about the complications at birth? From what I can tell it's all still happening as the HIV portion of the storyline isn't getting as much attention as some would hope. Will the writer's be playing catch up? The LATEST is that the HIV component of Robin's pregnancy will be addressed during the delivery and after the birth. Remember, while the odds of the baby being HIV+ are low, it's still a very real possibility.

Baby Shower? RUMORS say Robin has a baby shower towards the end of September. READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.08.08

I apologize if my Liason bias is showing too much but that's the scoop that's out there and oh well, it's my blog!  LOL! Here we go with more Liason Scoop and it's what I held back a bit last week until I had confirmation of the clinic blowing sky high.  The day before Nikolas' tribute to Emily explodes, thanks to Jerry, SHOULD BE when Elizabeth "walks in" on a meeting Jason has with Karpov. RUMORS had the nurse following Jason into his office at the coffee house and into a meeting between her man and the Russian mobster. Not so fast my friends....  It APPEARS that Elizabeth goes to Jason at the coffee shop before/after Karpov shows up to meet Jason. Karpov is RUMORED to see/overhear Jason and Elizabeth either before their meeting or he MAY hang around afterwards and see Elizabeth going into Jason's office. Will she plant one on her man that the Russian baddie sees? RUMORS say yes! READ MORE

General Hospital Spoilers & Scoops!

Here's the Scoop! 09.04.08

More Liason coming? Yep! RUMORS are all over the place about more scenes for my favorite couple. They even taped together a few days ago. I am hearing that Jason once again pushes Elizabeth away. roe0824, I checked into the RUMORS and I am seeing the same stuff. Get your SALT BOULDERS out, just to be safe. There are RUMORS that Liason has sex again and the timeline of events seems to fit with the RUMORS that Elizabeth is getting into an accident. SPOILERS have said for weeks now that Jason can not stay away from Elizabeth. He'll bid her goodbye after the sexay times but from what I can gather, its just goodbye, not forever. A couple days after that, SHOULD be when the accident happens, IF it happens.  Is it Elizabeth asking Jason for just one more night together?

Word of caution...
when I first reported on the accident, the RUMBLINGS were that the basic outline of what's out there was true but there seemed to be some FanFic thrown in.  I have no problem with FanFic as most of what's out there is better than what we see on a daily basis. I know Tina agrees with me.  BUT, this is a SPOILER post on what's SUPPOSED to be happening on our screens, hence the word of caution. READ MORE