Young and Restless

The Young and the Restless Explains Why They've Been No. 1 For 25 Years (VIDEO)

The Young and the Restless is letting everyone know they are the top dogs of daytime. The cast and  crew of Y&R made a video to explain why they've been the No. 1 Stunners for the past 25 years. Watch the video after the jump!


Jack Explains Espionage and Sesame Street to Kyle on The Young and the Restless (SNEAK PEEK)

Today our special letter is "E", boys and girls — "E" for "E-S-P-I-O-N-A-G-E". Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) has the unenviable task of trying to explain what corporate espionage is to his nitwit son today on CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless.

Maybe when Diane Jenkins stole the sperm to make this kid, she forget to refrigerate it properly? Kyle (Hartley Sawyer), of course, just stands there going "Doh!" as his Daddy tries to teach him some sense. 

At least Michael (Christian LeBlanc) and Lauren (Tracey Bregman)'s kid is fairly sharp. Okay, so he does dope and ends up in the clink quite a bit. Other than that, Fenmore's (Max Ehrich) a regular Einstein compared with most of his peer group on this soap!

Speaking of Fen, Paul (Doug Davidson) simply will not stop investigating him for Carmine's murder (Marco Dapper). I guess the Chief of the Genoa City Police Department is still smarting over Lauren getting to keep the toaster in their divorce. Watch a sneak peek of today's Y&R after the jump!


DC #744: Best and Worst of 2013 Part 1

On today's Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe, Melodie Aikels and Regan Cellura dive into the Best and Worst of Soaps in 2013.

Find out who the DC gang thought were the Most Improved Actors or Actresses, Male and Female Characters were. Who was 2013's Biggest Waste of Talent? Who was Most In Need of a Story? Who was Most in Need of a Makeover? Which of our soap Dreams Really Came True in 2013?

Enjoy the first of our two-part, super-sized year end episodes!

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Tune In For 'Who Shot The Daytime Soap?' Tonight on TVGN

What exactly brought about the near-destruction of the daytime television soap opera? Associated Television International hopes to answer that question and more with their new documentary Who Shot The Daytime Soap? airing tonight at 8 pm EST on TVGN. READ MORE

Nick to Billy on The Young and the Restless: "Who's Your Friend?" (SNEAK PEEK)

In an effort to stop thinking about their dead tykes, Billy (Billy Miller) and Kelly (Cynthia Watros) head to the nearest watering hole today on CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless. Don't expect a frosty Nicholas (Joshua Morrow) to be offering up any booze on the house!

Really Billy? You take another woman to a bar owned by your wife's overprotective brother? I don't think there's anything about such illogical behavior in the Grieving Playa Handbook.

Elsewhere in Genoa City, Dylan (Steve Burton) tells Avery (Jessica Collins) he read the dossier on his pervy pappy and Noah (Robert Adamson) tries to booty block his parents. Watch Monday's Y&R sneak peek after the jump!


Hartley Sawyer OUT at The Young and the Restless

Setside sources are telling me Hartley Sawyer is done as Kyle Abbott on The Young and the Restless. In March of 2013, Sawyer began playing Jack Abbott's (Peter Berman) son, when popular actor Blake Hood was dumped from the role. No word on if the soap plans to recast again.