True Blood

Molly Burnett To Appear On True Blood

Days of Our Lives' favorite "lead actress" Molly Burnett is set to appear on the second season of HBO's True Blood. According to IMDB, she will be playing the character of Amanda in the second episode. Season two spoilers at True Blood Net indicate that the character is "a young Christian girl who plays in an all-female Christian band."

Burnett's appearance on True Blood follows in the wake of General Hospital's Graham Shiels during season one and the upcoming six-episode stint of The Bold and the Beautiful's Ashley Jones on the vampire series.

Maybe with all these daytime stars appearing on the show HBO should run a "Got Blood?" promotional campaign when soaps air?

Sink Your Teeth Into Ashley Jones on HBO's True Blood

Back in December we reported that The Bold and the Beautiful's Ashley Jones would be appearing on HBO's True Blood. In January we reported that Jones had insisted on a non-nudity clause in her True Blood contract. Now Zap2it has a sneak peak of True Blood's second season, which include photos of Jones in her new role.

Are you looking forward to the return of True Blood?

Graham Shiels Takes a Bite Out of Tonight's Nip/Tuck Season Finale

One of my favorite DC interviews, Graham Shiels (ex-Cody, General Hospital; General Hospital: Night Shift), is taking quite the bite out of Hollyweird. After playing sex-crazed vampire baddie Liam on True Blood, and beating Jim Carrey to a bloody pulp on the big screen in Yes Man, Shiels is the guest lead on tonight's season finale of Nip/Tuck.

"I play a guy who believes he's a vampire," Shiels says, laughing. "What is it with the vampire roles? I'm starting to believe I'm being typecast!"

Check out Shiels tonight on Nip/Tuck at 9 pm C/10 ET. While you're watching the show, log on to DC where I'll be live-blogging!

Graham Shiels on Tonight's Season Premiere of Burn Notice!

Be sure to check out the season premiere of Burn Notice tonight on the USA Network. Former General Hospital bad boy-turned-True Blood sucker Graham Shiels is guest starring on the spy romp. I gotta admit, I've never seen an episode of the show, but you can bet I'll be parked in front of the tube at 9C/10E tonight. Wouldn't it be great if we could actually see more of Shiels and Kent Masters King as GH's smoking hot Cody and Lainey? Nah, they aren't a pairing that already played out three years ago, and we know how GH loves those! Photo by Paul Risconi.

Browen Lock Lips Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful!

Finally, a sexy, young adult couple  who isn't related on The Bold and the Beautiful! Soap Opera Weekly reveals in their latest issue that smoking hot couple-in-training Bridget and Owen (Ashley Jones and Brandon Beemer) aka "Browen" will kiss next week on the CBS sudser. Here's what the B&B and True Blood beauty tells the mag about the buss:

She's in this transformative stage in her life and really, what has she got to lose?"

I'm sure there are plenty of people who wouldn't mind being "transformed" by a kiss from Beemer. With Stephanie (Susan Flannery) back on the warpath, and a hot new couple to root for, B&B just might make our Mike stop swearing during the CBS/Days podcast. If not, Uncle Luke might have to wash his mouth out with Vodka. Oh wait, that's what I do before each podcast.  Carry on!

Ashley Jones Confirms "Browen", Plus No Nude Scenes on True Blood!

If you're looking for her goodies, keep on looking, 'cause they're staying in the jar. Sorry Bold and Beautiful fans. If you were hoping to see Ashley Jones (Bridget) pull a Graham Shiels and show us what she's working with next season on True Blood it ain't gonna happen. The beauty tells TV Guide's Michael Logan she insisted on a no-nudity clause for her six-episode stint on the sexually-charged HBO vampire opera. Oh come on Ash! You already dropped down to your Obama -draws, why not go for broke? In more revealing news, the actress confirms to Logan that a pairing between Bridget and the liquid hot Owen (Brandon Beemer) is definitely on the horizon. Finally, a reason to keep B&B on my DVR.