JT Reiber & Zack Brady

I noticed an error, Carrie mentioned on the Friday episode that it was common knowledge that Zack was thought to be the child of John and Hope. This isn't true, I've been watching for a long time and it was my understanding that everyone thought JT (Glen and Barb) was the son of Hope and John. Zack had been adopted by Lexie and Abe. By the time Bo and Hope got Zack back, they knew already that John wasn't the father. Is this correct or am I remembering wrong?

Classic Days Clip: I still want to kill you!

This is a trip back to when Lexie admits to Abe that she slept with Brandon and Abe has an emotional breakdown. It later leads to a father and son moment between Abe and Brandon. James Reynolds and Renee Jones work these scenes. Also Matt Cendeo was also putting in some work.

John's Story

I apologize if this has been brought up before but ...was the story about John ever resolved? I mean, I know they found pictures and discovered the internet was turned off at the he was making the transactions but .. did it every lead anywhere other than getting off the charges and repaying everyone? The story lead to John to rebuild Basic Black but nothing else. It seems like the story was just dropped without further resolution.

The Original Days Supercouple

Before there was Bo/Hope, Bo/Carly, Patch/Kayla, Jack/Jennifer and John/Marlena there was Doug and Julie the original Days supercouple. So let's take a look back at the first kiss that set hearts on fire and fans a blazing. Side Note: This was before I was even thought of. Never the less this time period was consider Days golden era. Not the 90's!

Days 2/6 preview and sneak!

Days is about to get even hotter. As the secret contents of the lock box is revealed. Bo and Hope is in for a one. And so are John and Marlena. So check out the preview and sneak to get in on he action.


I was completely blown away by Chandler Massey's (Will) acting on Friday, February 3. I've only been watching Days since As The World Turns went off the air and yes, I've seen Days at its worst with the hackerna Dena Hegley basically digging an early grave for Days. Thank God Ken Corday finally came to his senses and fired her and Days did a reboot in September of last year. Ever since then, Chandler's confidence in his acting abilities and the raw emotion that he digs up in order to convey Will's pain is nothing short of brilliant! I couldn't believe that he called Sami a whore and for a moment there, I was sure she was going to haul off and slap him on the face for calling her that. But Sami knew that Will was right on that count. I really believe that Chandler will be up on that stage on the night of the Daytime Emmy awards this year AND next year. He's got so much material to choose from for the work he did in the latter part of 2011. Now, he's just knocking every scene he does out of the ballpark like a grand slam. This kid is going places.

Chandler, I give you a standing ovation and a loud round of applause and I'll definitely say, "BRAVO!"