Y&R: Signy Coleman Returns To The Young And The Restless.

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To guide him through…

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Signy Coleman is returning to “The Young And The Restless” as Hope. February Sweeps will bring a big storyline with Adam (Michael Muhney) taking an emotional trip down memory lane. Look for Hope in Genoa City on February 17. We last saw the actress back in December 2010 when Victor (Eric Braeden) needed her guidance.

SCATHING REVIEW about "The Revolution"...LMAO!!

This is sweet that not all big corporate businesses even the massive The Chicago Sun Times isn't kissing up to the mighty Disney Company. Geez, Chicago is in one of those all important markets. Please enjoy OLTL fans because I LAMO and so fitting to have a giant as TCST to slap Disney\ABC in the face with this review. This is a Frons baby reflecting on him and his decision and others, more slamming reviews must be coming forward!! Let us hope it's in other big markets. Sweet! Smile


Just mere hours after the "One Life To Live" finale aired, Soap Opera Digest reports that Emmy winner, Hillary B. Smith (ex-Margo, ATWT; ex-Nora, OLTL) is joining the cast of "The Bold and the Beautiful" as a, are you ready for this, A SEX THERAPIST! This is exactly what this show needs right now. I hope I'm not the one that is absolutely thrilled about Hillary joining B&B. She begins taping at the end of the month!

When Black Characters Speak: Do They Need to Watch What They Say on TV and in Movies?

My thoughts on Harmony, "Miss Phyllis" and The Young and the Restless:

Y&R: Show Opening Sequence................when is it EVER going to get redone?!

Maria Arena Bell promised when she took over as EP/HW back in 2008, she would have a new opening sequence done for the show. It is now 4 years later and still nothing. And to make matters worse, the show took Melody Thomas Scott out of the opening credits, not long before she returned to the show and they still haven't put her back in the opening credits! GAH! Maria, you're driving me mad!

Darnell Williams To Y&R!

I love Darnell but once again MAB & the casting director from AMC which came to Y&R is ADDING another character to already bloated canvas making it even bigger Angry There are plenty of Y&R vets that been in Geona City for 20+ years that hasn't had any good story since Bloodbath Countess Maria started her reign of terror and Napoleon complex to add yet another NEW CHARACTER....WTF ...why haven't CBS & Sony stepped in and controlled this hot mess of cow dung (is Maria eating what you find under cow patties...hmmm)....Please Maria take the job at the museum and work on things close to heart. Art is a very good cause and let someone that has underbidding love for the soap opera genre which is an art form of story telling.
Count how many true vets of Y&R that could have stories without adding new characters? I can...can you? Off with there HEADS.. Sick

From Soap Opera Digest

Darnell Williams To Y&R! By SOD • Posted: Jan 3, 2012

Digest has learned that AMC fave Darnell Williams (ex-Jesse) has been hired at Y&R and will join longtime acting partner Debbi Morgan (Harmony; ex-Angie, AMC) in Genoa City. This will be the fourth show on which they have appeared together; on LOVING and THE CITY, Williams played Jesse lookalike Jacob Foster alongside Morgan as Angie. In addition to their lengthy acting collaboration, the duo are close friends — Williams even walked Morgan down the aisle at her 2009 wedding to Jeffrey Winston.