Dylan's a Daddy!

Last night's 90210 revealed that Dylan Mckay (Luke Perry) is the father of Kelly Taylor's (Jennie Garth) son. The latest RUMORS are once again saying that producers of 90210 are in talks with Perry to reprise his role as Dylan McKay and this blogger thinks they must be close.

Are you happy with Sammy's Daddy?

Michael Graziadei on 90210 as Drug Dealer

Watch out 90210, Michael Graziadei is coming to town! According to Nelson Branco's Suds Report The Young and the Restless' actor has been cast as a drug dealer on this year's most buzzed about new show.

Hmmmm...first Graziadei portrays a character addicted to porn and now he's a drug dealer. Next thing we know he'll end up on A&E's great new show The Cleaner as a heroin addict. Wait a minute, that's not a half bad idea. A guest spot on a cable show like The Cleaner would give Graziadei a perfect opportunity to stretch his acting wings.

Who Needs 90210 When You Have the New York Times?

Who needs a 90210 remake when you are a The New York Times No. 1 Best-Selling Author? Certainly not Tori Spelling. That's right folks, in addition starring in Oxygen's highest rated TV show and to holding out for equal compensation in order to appear on 90210 with former costars Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty, Tori Spelling is now a New York Times Best-Selling Author.

I wonder, does this means Tori deserves to be paid more than Jennie and Shannen to appear on 90210?

90210: Is Dylan Returning?

Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty are making their way back to the zip code they helped make famous.  Is Luke Perry next?  PerezHilton has a juicy bit of SCOOP!  Has the never ending Brenda or Kelly debate been solved for us fans offscreen?  According to the Queen of all Media, Luke Perry is in talks to reprise his role as bad boy Dylan McKay and the bad boy MAY be able to add Daddy to his title. 

The RUMORS say that Kelly Taylor, the new guidance counselor at West Beverly High, has a four year old son.  Who's the Daddy?  Yep, you guessed it, no other than Kelly's ex, Dylan McKay. 

Where's Dylan been as its obvious he will not appear in the pilot episode? It seems that they're keeping Dylan's character flaws in tact. The RUMORS say Dylan skipped town four years prior and his return to the zip code has him trying to win Kelly back. I wouldn't expect a re-do of one of the greatest love triangles in TV history though.  According to reports, Shannen is only on board for a handful of episodes and IF Luke signs on, we shouldn't see him until more towards the end of the season.  READ MORE

This can't be good...

Now this can't be good. Variety is reporting that TV critics are crying foul over the fact that The CW has decided not to send out 90210 screeners to preview the highly anticipated show's first episodes.

"The CW and our studio partner CBS Paramount Network Television have made the strategic marketing decision not to screen '90210' for any media in advance of its premiere," the network and studio said in a statement. "We're not hiding anything ... simply keeping a lid on '90210' until 9.02, riding the curiosity and anticipation into premiere night, and letting all our constituents see it at the same time."

But the CW and CBS Par's insistence that they're "not hiding anything" has led to critic speculation that, well, they're doing exactly that.

"By refusing to send screeners of the '90210' premiere to critics, the CW has aroused deep suspicions," St. Louis Post-Dispatch critic Gail Pennington wrote on her website, under the headline, "How much does the new '90210' suck?"

In Hollywood it's usually a very bad sign when a studio does not screen an upcoming movie. If the same turns out to be true for 90210, it may become one of the most anticipated bombs in recent memory.

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