Well, Well, Well, Grant Show "Up" For Melrose 2.0

Alums from Fox's original pop culture phenomenon Melrose Place spoke out in this week's TV Guide on the news that The CW is doing an update. You'll never guess which star is open to the possibilty of doing the spinoff. Well, you really don't have to guess if you read the headline. Yep, Grant Show, who just a few months back gave an interview to The New York Times where he talked about just how long it took for the "stench" of MP to wear off, is now reportedly interested in donning Jake Hanson's leather jacket one more time.

I guess now that his short-lived CBS sudser Swingtown has gone on that Great Network in the Sky, Show is reflecting on his career-making role with a little more respect. Either that or he had a lot of stock in Wachovia.

'This Christmas' Beauty Lauren London to come between Dixon and Silver on 90210!

My homegirl Natasha over at Young, Black and Fabulous has some hot 90210 exclusive scoop. The gorgeous Lauren London (This Christmas, Entourage) has reportedly joined the cast of 90210 as a possible love interest for Tristan Wilds' Dixon. Uh uh Silver (Jessica Stroup). Glad to see a little more chocolate in the SoCal milk.

Desperate Housewives Baby Daddy Cast as 90210's long-lost son

Remember Josh Henderson, the guy who played Edie (Nicolette Sheridan) 's hunky nephew who stole the heart of Julie (Andrea Bowen) and knocked up her best friend Danielle (Joy Lauren) on Desperate Housewives? He's heading for the land of pink neon stretch pants and bad spiral perms, aka The CW's 90210, as Sean, the much-talked about son Naomi's mom secretly bore Annie and Dixon's dad, before putting him up for adoption. According to the new issue of TV Guide, Henderson will appear in the Nov. 11 episode. Five will get you ten Naomi will make this all about her, complete with scary facial tics.

Which Daytime Stars Should be on the New Melrose Place?

When the news that The CW was developing a spinoff of Beverly Hills, 90210 was still in its infancy, we asked you which daytime stars you'd like to see on the new show. Alas, neither Van Hansis nor Kirsten Storms has made the jump to good old West Bev as of yet, but both Drew Tyler Bell and the bra-zilliant Michael Graziadei have booked air time on the teen soap. So in keeping with tradition, now that news has been broken that a possible Melrose Place update could soon turn up on our screens, which daytime stars would you like to see living it up at Amanda Woodward's motel-style, SoCal apartment complex?

CW and Paramount in Talks For Melrose Place Update!

First a Brenda vs. Kelly rematch, now Amanda vs. Alison?
Every nubile young actress and brooding twentysomething stud in Hollyweird will soon be heading out for fresh head shots as The CW and CBS Paramount Network TV are in early talks to rejuvenate another series in the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise, Melrose Place. Entertainment Weekly spoiler guru Michael Ausiello revealed an update of the wildly popular 90's sudser is being explored as we type. If this doesn't make my girl Heather Locklear start working her 12 Steps I don't know what will! As much as I loved the original series, I have to wonder, if The CW keeps updating all of our favorite shows from yesteryear, who's gonna be on the next season of Dancing With the Stars?

Live+7 Benefits Struggling and Strong

The Live Feed is reporting that the DVR Live+7 used by primetime TV has helped a slew of TV shows achieve marked gains in ratings. Life, Lipstick Jungle, Heroes, 90210, Grey's Anatomy, Dirty Sexy Money, Private Practice, Smallville, Prison Break, Boston Legal, Terminator and Chuck all had viewership gains of 17 - 36%.

No wonder several of these smaller shows have been picked up by their networks. What I don't understand is why the ratings for daytime soaps, which require an even larger commitment to watch, aren't calculated on Live+7? Imagine the percentage of viewership increases the soaps could have if their ratings were calculated with Live+7?

Visit The Live Feed to find out how much your favorite show's ratings increased with Live+7.