Knots Landing Times Buppies, Plus Soul Food, Divided by Reilly's DAYS Equals Anacostia!

UPDATE: To watch Season One of Anacostia click here.

Calling all folks who are sick and tired of begging Maria Arena Bell to start writing for the people who don't need Sony's free gift certificates to the nearest tanning salon on The Young and the Restless. Stop asking Ri Ri for scraps and turn on your laptop! Don't even sweat that General Hospital did all that PR for Maya Ward, only to end up not doing hot poop with her. Why scratch out your scalp over One Life to Live's Llanview becoming White-view, when there are plenty of diverse shows who want ALL our eyeballs online! One such show is the insanely-addictive urban soap opera Anacostia, which recently began its second season. READ MORE

The Cast of Red Hot Web Soap Anacostia Chats With We Love Soaps!

If you guys haven't checked out the steamy, D.C.-based web sudser Anacostia, you need to start now! We Love Soaps recently sat down with the talented cast and crew, led by creator and star Anthony Anderson. Who gives a good kitty about the lack of diversity on daytime when we can get it online? Check out We Love Soaps'  video interview and Anacostia's pilot after the jump.