Another World

Lindsay Lohan Books Role In Manson Family Biopic "Manson Girls"

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Another World grad Lindsay Lohan has signed on to play Nancy Pitman one of the members of the deranged Charlie Manson "family" who went on a notorious killing spree that ended in the death of actress Sharon Tate among others in 1969. For those of you who didn't know, Lohan played the granddaughter of Rachel Cory (Victoria Wyndham), Ally Fowler on Another World in the mid-90s. She left the show to film the remake of The Parent Trap and the role was SORAS'ed with future General Hospital actress Alicia Leigh Willis assuming the role. With all of Lohan's, shall we say "issues" in recent years, I can't help but wonder if taking on such a disturbing role is a good choice for the young starlet. Can't someone greenlight Mean Girls Part 2?

Anne Heche's "Men in Trees" on the Block

All you "Men in Trees" fans had better start dusting off your pens and pencils if you want to save the quirky gem. The ABC dramady starring former Another World star Anne Heche is on the block for cancellation. is reporting that it doesn't look good for "Men in Trees" which has had more time slot changes than Joan River's has had plastic surgery. They do say that there may be a chance that ABC picks up "MIT" but things apparently don't look good.

Are you a "Men in Trees" fan?

Daytime Confidential #210: Victor Miller Interview

Three time Emmy winning writer Victor Miller visits with Luke and Danielle about his career of over twenty years in daytime including what it was like to work with Megan McTavish, how Robin Strasser almost got him fired when he first started at One Life to Live, what it was like to work at Guiding Light and Another World, what inspired him to pen the horror hit "Friday the 13th", and much, much more.

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Jay’s Guide to Recasting ATWT’s Lily While Smelling Like a Rose

Recasting a beloved soap character is never easy. Especially when much of the show’s current story and rich history revolves around the character in question. That being said, when a soap faces the dilemma of having to replace a wildly popular actress like Martha Byrne (Lily Snyder), the powers that be have to tread very carefully.
 Sure daytime is full of examples of successful recasts. Peter Bergman took over for the legendary Terry Lester on Y&R and made the role of Jack Abbott his own. Ditto Bergman’s co-star Jess Walton who made fans ask “Brenda who?” when she inherited the role of man-eater Jill Foster Abbott from Brenda Dickson. But for every Trevor St. John (who successfully replaced Roger Howarth as Todd on OLTL) there’s a Christina Chambers (the recent painful-to-behold incarnation of Susan Haskell’s signature role Marty Saybrooke also on OLTL). So if ATWT does decide to temp fate and recast Lily, here are a few prospective actresses I’d like them to give a look-see:

Linda Dano Expands Home Furnishings Collectioin

Be ready to loose your purse strings and dust off that credit card. Daytime Dial is reporting that legendary daytime diva Linda Dano is teaming up with QVC to unveil additions to the Linda Dano Home Collection, her line of home accessories and furnishings.

Must Read: Victoria Wyndham Interview

Another World's Victoria Wyndham has done and AWESOME interview about her 20+ years on the classic soap. The battle between NBC and Procter & Gamble to keep Another World on the air and how NBC wanted to get rid of her and turn Another World into a Passions type show. She also talks about her life during and post Another World, the co-stars she still keeps in contact with, her art, and the state of the world.

We've posted some excerpts of the interview below but let me just say that considering what one learns NBC did to Another World and how they went about it and then you compare it to what Days of Our Lives is going through now it is obvious that Days of Our Lives has a huge fight on its hands to survive.

DS: When you’re known so well for one particular role--Rachel Cory in Another World--yet you are multi-dimensional, how do you handle the frustration that must breed inside yourself? READ MORE