Blue Mountain State

Darin Brooks' Hilarious Blue Mountain State Returns Oct. 20

If you’ve listened to the Pop Confidential podcast you know that Regan and I often have similar tastes in TV shows, with a few exceptions such as my love for all things sci-fi and her appreciation for that MTV drivel Jersey Shore. But now we both have something to rejoice about, the return of our guiltiest of guilty pleasures, Spike’s raunchy Blue Mountain State starring Days of our Lives grad Darin Brooks.

If you haven’t watched Blue Mountain State and are ready for some big laughs and more and a few "ewww" moments then tune in for its second season premiere on October 20. Watch the Blue Mountain State promo after the jump! READ MORE

Darin Brooks Opens Up About Blue Mountain State

Darin Brooks dished with TV Guide Magazine about his upcoming comedy, Blue Mountain State. The Daytime Emmy winner fills readers in on why he had a Guns N' Roses moment during his acceptance speech and clues viewers in on his upcoming character.

Now we know why you had such a potty mouth—and got bleeped—at the podium when you won your Daytime Emmy last year.

Here’s what happened: I left Days in May, immediately went to Canada for three months to shoot the entire season of Blue Mountain State, then came back to L.A. at the end of August just in time to go find myself a suit and get to the Emmy ceremony. It was nuts! Winning the award came as such a shock, which is why I swore on national television. [Laughs] Also, it’s hard to stop now that I get paid to swear.

Your character thinks he can get away with absolutely anything—and does. Is this the ultimate fantasy role?
Yeah! But Alex doesn’t do it in any evil, vindictive way. He’s a good-hearted kid who just wants to get by, and nobody’s going to keep him from doing that. For an actor, it’s very freeing. Days was kind of like a machine, you knock out so damn many pages every day, so damn many episodes every year, you shoot weddings that go on for a week. That’s not a bad thing but it is a machine. Blue Mountain State is done on the fly. They let you improvise. They want you to improvise. I’ve always got crazy s--t playing in my mind, and they let me go with it.

Blue Mountain State premieres Jan. 12. READ MORE

Darin Brooks' Blue Mountain State Series Picked Up

Back in December Jamey blogged about Darin Brooks landing the pilot Blue Mountain State. Now comes word from The Hollywood Reporter that the show has received a 12-episode order.

Produced by Lionsgate TV and Robbins' Varsity Pictures, "Mountain" is in the vein of Animal House. The series follows three incoming freshmen (Darin Brooks, Chris Romano, Sam Jones III) who attend Midwestern football powerhouse Blue Mountain State and quickly must adapt to college life while juggling football, women, classes and nonstop hazing.

"Blue Mountain State contains four key ingredients to being a guy: football, partying, women and hazing," said Kevin Kay, president of the male-centric Spike TV.

Added Lionsgate TV president Kevin Beggs, "It's a show that doesn't pull any punches -- it's just all-out funny."

Darin Brooks Lands Spike TV Sitcom


Days of Our Lives hottie Darin Brooks has landed a sitcom gig. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brooks will play one of the three lead roles in a college football comedy called Blue Mountain State, from one of the writers of The Sarah Silverman Program. Here's hoping the series gets picked up so the talented, young actor won't have to waste any more of his precious youth attempting to make sense of Dena Higley's pisspoor writing for Uncle Max "I Like to Bed My Kin" Brady.