Check Out the Trailer for Buppies Star Tatyana Ali's New TV One Sitcom!

Hot on the heels of turning in the best performance of her career in BET.com's smash hit web sudser Buppies (Seriously y'all, the girl is the black Carrie Bradshaw as neruotic, Hollyweird princess Quinci in Buppies), Tatyana Ali is returning to sitcoms! As previously reported, the actress/producer/Fresh Prince of Belair alum— who also recurs on The Young and the Restless as Roxanne— is starring in Love That Girl,  TV One's first foray into scripted television, premiering Jan. 19 at 9 pm (thanks DC reader Smitty for the tip!). READ MORE

Quinci Gets the Upper Hand, as Shaka Gets Real on Buppies!

It's Tuesday afternoon. Y'all know what that means, another hot, steaming helping of Buppies! This week's installment sees Derek's (Brooklyn McLinn) trifling ass attempting to apology to Q (Tatyana Ali) for showing up at her party with some other girl. Meanwhile, Nikki (Katrina Wogan) confronts Shaka (Ernest Waddell) about his treatment of her. Is Shaka ashamed that his lady is white and overweight? Wogan and Waddell KILL in their brief, powerful scene. Here I thought Shaka was just comic relief! This web soap keeps leaving me wanting MORE! If you feel the same way about Buppies as I do, click here to tell BET!

DC Exclusive: Buppies' Preston Davis and Damien Wigfall Talk "Treliot"

Move over Kish. Make room Nuke, there's a new gay soap opera supercouple in the making, "Treliot" aka Truth and Eliot played respectively by Damien Wigfall and Preston Davis in Buppies, the hot-like-fiya web sudser about the life and times of a group of well-heeled African-American socialites, currently airing on BET.com.

In Buppies, Eliot (Davis) is a quiet, slightly meek sports agent, dating Priscilla (Robin Thede), a sistah even Whitney Gilbert would have called sadity, whose life is rocked to the core when Truth (Wigfall), a hot shot NFL star, shows up at a birthday party held for Priscilla's best friend Quincy (Tatyana Ali), and quickly makes it known that he still has power over him. The final shot of episode 4 of Buppies saw the manipulative Truth (think a black, gay JR Ewing-in-training) leaning in to kiss a stunned Eliot.

I caught up with Davis and Wigfall to chat about what it's like going gay for BET.com's premiere, scripted web series. After you read the interview, be sure to check out today's episode of Buppies at 3 pm ET at BET.com!

Daytime Confidential: Preston, in Buppies, you play the role of Eliot David a sports agent, dating snobby magazine editor Priscilla, played by Robin Thede; Eliot also shares a secret past with sports star Truth (Damien Wigfall). What attracted you to this character?

Preston Davis:I think what attracted me to playing Eliot was the same thing that I was most afraid of. In this industry there’s still a stigma attached to playing gay characters, and a lot people advise against it. But I didn’t become an actor to support other people’s fears and insecurities. That’s just not who I am as a man or an artist. So, even though I was hesitant at first, I took a couple steps back and really thought about the kind of career I wanted and what I’d be compromising if I walked away from such a beautifully written piece of work. My goal is to be a true artist and part of that for me is helping reveal the endless realities of the young black male. READ MORE

Quinci Goes IN on a Trick on Latest Eppy of Buppies!

Oh no she didn't. That trifling trick Bitsy (I Wanna Be a Soap Star's impressive Ashlee Holland) breaks two cardinal rules in this episode of Buppies. She steals another sistah's shoes, AND she makes a black woman get her hair wet!

Creator Julian Breece and Tatyana Ali (Quinci)'s new web soap is not about to let up!!! Then there's what's jumping off between Eliot (Preston Davis) and Truth (Damen Wigfall) upstairs. Let's just say, you can tell this isn't a Procter and Gamble production! Buppies airs Tuesdays at 3 pm ET at BET.com! Tell your friends! Watch the episode after the jump! READ MORE

Are Eliot and Truth on the Down Low on Tatyana Ali's Buppies?

What's really going on between sports agent Eliot (Preston Davis) and football star Truth (Damien Wigfall) on the latest installment of Tatyana Ali's web soap Buppies? And can you believe socialite Quinci's (Ali) trifling ex Derek (Brooklyn McLinn) showed up at her birthday party with some new trick, wearing Q's shoes???
If you are craving the old school, soapy goodness of Dru, Malcolm, Neil and Liv on The Young and the Restless, or have been going through withdrawals since Girlfriends and The Game went to the Great Syndicated Sitcom Home in the Sky, this dramedy is for you! For more on Buppies go to BET.com. The revolution will be webivised!

Tatyana Ali's Buppies Premieres

Underused Young and the Restless star Tatyana Ali chatted with Working Author about the perks of having her new series, Buppies online. Says Ali,

One of the things I really like about [Buppies] being on the Web is the immediacy of it and seeing what people write. Whether they like it. Whether they hate it.

Buppies premiered on BET.com on Nov. 24 with "Let There Be Drama." Episode two, "The Case of the Ex", aired on Tuesday Dec. 1. Watch both episodes after the jump. READ MORE