Ex-Y&R Showrunner Maria Arena Bell: "I Am a Fan of Michael Muhney The Actor — Not The Person"

Former The Young and the Restless head writer and executive producer Maria Arena Bell is once again speaking out on the controversy surrounding Michael Muhney's (ex-Adam) firing. Bell spoke to Tommy Garrett of Highlight Hollywood to clarify her comments in Soap Opera Digest about Muhney being let go and the claims TMZ has made. She stated:

Let me be clear. Tommy I am a fan of Michael Muhney the actor- not the person. Frankly he should have been let go months before because of his behind the scenes actions. It’s still a loss for the fans. Instead of acting quickly they tried to turn the fans against the character of Adam. Bad move. And they should not recast right away now. It’s too damaged.”  Adding, “The only thing that matters in this story -now  on TMZ is that a young girl is protected. She should have been all along. People should have been more decisive not less in this matter.


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Chloe/Kevin: Kevin discovers evidence of his ex-wife's growing obsession with Connor. She's made a page for Adam and Chelsea's kid in Delia's baby book!


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Daniel Cosgrove Heads to Days Of Our Lives!

Well this is interesting. Soap Opera Digest  is reporting Daniel Cosgrove is heading to Days of Our Lives. According to the magazine's site, Cosgrove will play the role of Aiden and started taping in September. Look for his first air date in late January.

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