CSI: Miami

Battle of the Ex ABC Soap Stars: Nathan Fillion vs. Eva LaRue

Current and former soap stars were all over the place during Monday night TV (more posts coming on those appearances), but now ABC's Castle is taking on CBS's veteran procedural CSI: Miami. Both shows feature former ABC soap stars. Nathan Fillion (ex-Joey Buchanan, One Life to Live) stars on Castle while All My Children's Eva LaRue (ex-Maria Grey) has been solving crimes on CSI: Miami since 2005. The question now becomes can Castle give ABC the procedural it so desperately craves or will it be sliced and diced by CSI: Miami?

As a rule I rarely watch most "classic" procedurals such as CSI or Law and Order. In fact I loathe most of them. I blame such shows, along with reality television as a genre, for the decline of great sitcoms and serialized dramas. Though I will admit to watching CSI: Miami as a time slot last resort when nothing else is on.

On the other hand, I've always enjoyed less cliche crime dramas like BONESThe Closer and now Castle because they have a twist or hook that isn't procedural related. With Boston Legal no more I am ecstatic to have a show like Castle to watch on Monday nights. For me it isn't even a question of Castle or CSI: Miami.

Which show starring a former ABC soap star are you tuning in for?

CBS Wants To Freeze Prime Time Stars' Salaries

While daytime dramas might be among the hardest hit sectors in entertainment, the ripple effects continue to spread in prime time, too. Among the more high profile moves, NBC gave Jay Leno it's entire 10PM time slot block Mondays through Fridays starting this fall in an effort to save massive amounts of cash: The Tonight Show, which is expected to be the model for the "new" Leno show, costs about $2 million per week to produce compared to $35 million for a typical week's worth of prime time dramas.

Now comes news from Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello that CBS is basically asking its stars to not negotiate salary increases (in effect, a salary freeze) for some of the network's top tier shows:

CBS Paramount is asking the on-air talent on the majority of its dramas to forgo their annual raises and keep their salaries flat next season. (Multiyear contracts typically have standard yearly increases built in.) The unprecedented move, part of an overall cost-cutting measure, is an effort to keep budgets down at the CSIs, NCIS, Numb3rs, and their kin, and prevent further behind-the-scenes layoffs. (CBS dramas produced by outside studios -- i.e., Ghost Whisperer, The Mentalist, and Without a Trace -- won't be affected.)

The article then immediately brings up what I like to call "The Kim Zimmer Paradigm": READ MORE

Eva La Rue on In Style Weddings Cover

Eva La Rue is on the cover of the latest In Style Weddings magazine wearing one the wedding dresses she  tried on during a fantasy wedding dress photo shoot for the cover. Video coverage of the All My Children and CSI: Miami star's photo shoot was recently featured on Entertainment Tonight but I couldn't find a clip of it.

Ryan Carnes on Samantha Who?

Hasn't former General Hospital star Ryan Carnes (Lucas Jones) been busy. Since leaving General Hospital Carnes has appeared on Desperate Housewives, Saving Grace, Dr. Who and CSI: Miami. Now he's adding Samantha Who? to his resume. 

For those who may not remember Carnes on General Hospital, he was the last recast before Drake Hogestyn's son Ben took over the role and the character came out as gay. Ironically, Ryan's portrayed the role of Andrew Van de Kamp's boyfriend on Desperate Housewives.

Jesse Lee Soffer Stars on CSI: Miami

Check out this clip from last night's CSI: Miami featuring Jesse Lee Soffer (Will Munson).

Jesse isn't the only former As the World Turns star on CSI: Miami this season. On October 13th you will be able to see Mark Collier (Mike Kasnoff #2) on the show. Mark wrote a message about his experience working on CSI: Miami on his official website www.markcolliersite.com:

I had a great time working on CSI: Miami. When I got there one of the actors told me what a good experience I was about to have working on the show. That statement turned out to be 100% accurate! I enjoyed everyone I worked with both actors and crew a like; their professionalism, talent and willingness to embrace my work made my time there truly exceptional! I hope you will all tune in. Enjoy the episode!

Eva LaRue Dishes on Wedding Plans

CSI: Miami star and All My Children alum Eva LaRue is dishing with Ok! Magazine about her upcoming wedding, telling the magazine.

“We went to Africa and got engaged at Victoria Falls,” Eva tells OK!. “It was very romantic. He tried to ensure a ‘yes’ by taking me on a half day elephant back safari in the morning, then taking me on a helicopter ride over the falls. And then we landed and walked down to the falls and there was this rainbow coming up from the bottom of the falls where we were standing, and he proposed right there. He got down on one knee with a four carat diamond ring."

Apparenlty, things didn't go quite as her fiance planned.

Check out the Ok! Magazine for the FULL STORY.