Dancing With The Stars

Holly Madison to Replace Kelly Monaco in PEEPSHOW

The Girls Next Door star and Playboy playmate, Holly Madison has been tapped as Kelly Monaco's PEEPSHOW replacement. According to People.com, Madison will take over for Monaco when her run ends in June.

"I feel like this is perfect for me," she said Thursday. "I've always wanted to be in a really classy, sexy burlesque show."

Monaco had signed a three-month contract to star in PEEPSHOW, and Madison's deal will be similar. The Vegas production has quickly become a Dancing With the Stars sorority of sorts. It currently stars Season 1 winner Monaco, 32, as well as Season 5 runner-up Melanie Brown, 33.


Brooke Burke Wins DWTS Seventh Season!

Brooke Burke hoofed her way to the a seventh season Dancing With the Stars win.

Are you happy Burke won?

Kelly Monaco Topless!

No, she's not doing another Playboy spread but General Hospital star Kelly Monaco (Sam McCall) will be joining Spice Girl Mel B (Dancing With the Stars) on the Las Vegas stage. People.com is reporting that the ladies will star in PEEPSHOW at the Planet Hollywood Casino and Resort.

Neither Brown nor Monaco will be topless, but the showgirls surrounding them will be. Brown will be "scantily clad, but in a classy way," she says.

Monaco's character in the show will be "Little Bo Peep," a timid and lonely girl who is guided by Brown's character, "Peep Diva."

Monaco spoke about the Las Vegas show at Super Soap Weekend. According to fan reports, it should not interfer with General Hospital.

Lucci Voted Off Dancing With The Stars

To borrow lyrics from James Ingram, she did her best, but I guess her best wasn't good enough. Daytime's most famous face Susan Lucci, has been voted off Dancing With The Stars. Now, I readily admit I  don't watch this program since I think reality television hastens Armageddon (unless of course it features all three of The  Kardasian Sisters, Brody Jenner or Speidi :p) , so I haven't the foggiest idea what happened.
I am assuming Lucci didn't shake what her Mama gave her as well as some of the others like Lance Bass or Cloris Leachman (Is she still on there?). Oh well, never fret La Lucci, as All My Children's baddest bitch Erica Kane you've been a supermodel, a cosmetics tycoon, a showgirl and even rescued your lover from prison via helicopter; who cares if you can't do the Electric Slide? Go soak your foot, toss your silky, chocolate mane and practice asking that jealous Brooke English if she knows who you are in a vanity mirror.

Lucci's Last Night?

Susan Lucci's made it this far on Dancing With the Stars but it hasn't been the easiest. Lucci's was in the bottom two, the past two weeks.

Could tonight be Lucci the Legend's last or will she survive in a dramatically soapy twist?

Susan Lucci Scores 24

Susan Lucci scored a 24 last night on Dancing With the Stars, but the reviews haven't been good (see MSNBC quote below or check out EW.com). Might Wednesday be LaLucci's last night?

“All My Children” daytime diva Susan Lucci raked in 24 points for a paso doble that still suffer from her frequent failures.

Sure, she kept up with the pace more than usual — though eagle-eyed viewers may credit that to the guiding hand of pro partner Tony Dovolani — but she looked anything but confident in the demanding, moody, matador number.